I think you’ll agree with me when i say…

Having a good survival hand book during survival and outdoor adventure can be life saving. Because it is a brief guide of How To’s. If you encounter any difficult situation during an adventure with plants, animals and shelter. You can just open up the book and look for solution. It’s that easy.

So In this article I’ll list top 10 best survival and outdoor books. So you can finally decide which one to buy.

10 Best Survival and Outdoor Books Every One Should Read


1. Bushcraft 101 By Dave Canterbury

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Dave Canterbury was on the first two seasons of Dual Survival. And he introduced the concept of the five C’s. So if you’re not familiar with that they’re five essential items that are very helpful to have in a survival situation and are hard to reproduce out in the wild. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. What I like most about this book is it’s the kind that you can literally read from cover to cover. And if you do that you’ll have a very basic understanding of a lot of complicated areas in regards to survival. 

Creating your camp, catching food, building shelter, creating fire, creating cordage you know this book covers all of that. So this book really covers wilderness survival and not urban survival so most of these tasks are oriented towards camping and being self-sufficient deep into the wilderness. 

Alright most things in here you can do with some rope and a good axe or a good knife and you can accomplish most of the things that it talks about in this book if you’re new to bushcraft. Get this book and it’ll give you a basic understanding of many different aspects of bushcrafting. 

There are not a whole lot of pictures every now and then in this book. You’ll get one or two basic drawings. There’s not a whole lot of diagrams or explanations. I like diagrams especially with some of the more complicated projects in here like you know, creating like a deadfall or snares or different shelter types. Sometimes they’ll explain an entire project and not have a single picture to go along with it. So now you know why this is number 3.


2. Survival handbook essential skills for outdoor adventures

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The number two on the list is this book “Survival Handbook”. This book doesn’t mention it’s author but it is a great handbook. So while Dave’s book really focused on wilderness survival this focuses on wilderness and urban survival which I really like. And well his book had a lot of words, had a lot of content but didn’t have a lot of diagrams and pictures. This book is just full of pictures. Everything is explained in a series of pictures or illustrations and they are all very very easy to follow along, this book covers a wide variety of survival situations. This book cover topics like how to use a beacon in case of a plane crash or boat capsized, has a lot of first aid tips in here, a lot of shelter, a lot of survival hacks, a lot of repurposing different items this is just like a freaking encyclopedia of great knowledge. okay everything you need to know it covers deserts it covers coastal living covers snow living right you got your shelter building so right Dave might have explain this exact same shelter here but you know he didn’t have any pictures whereas they have four different pictures for this one shelter to explain how it’s built five include that one. This is just a freaking encyclopedia of survival information.


3. SAS survival guide (Pocket edition)

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So my number one pick is a book that I am sure all of you have heard of at one point or another. And that is the SAS survival guide. I know for a fact you’ve all heard of this book. This is a great book. It covers a huge variety of subjects, it covers a huge difference in terrains from the deserts to the coastal to snow. You know all these different weather situations. This book has first aid in it, has shelters in it, has traps in it, it has urban survival as well you know a lot of repurposing of items. Has a lot of sections in here just demonstrating poisonous plants and edible plants. There’s some sections just identifying poisonous snakes for example all this comes in handy. But why this is my number one pick is because it is the pocket edition okay you can throw this in the glove compartment. Throw this in your bug out bag, it fits in your camping bag. This is a great travel friendly book with great content.


Under Top 10 survival books

4. US Military Pocket survival Guide

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5. The survival medicine handbook

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6. How to stay alive in the woods

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7. 100 Deadly skills survival edition

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8. Shelter, Shacks and shanties

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9. Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski

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10. Prepper’s long term survival guide

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