I think you’ll agree with me when i say….

Prepping and survival has a lot of challenges. Trying to decide you know what lasts what doesn’t. I mean there are ways to seal food to last up to thirty years without too much trouble. But what is it that you can kind of stock up on that will last forever. I mean you don’t have to worry about it except that you store it in a dark cool place. And that’s one prerequisite for all of these items.

In this post i’ll list 15 Food that’ll last forever. And you can stockpile them for emergency and survival.

1. Water

Water is not a food it’s definitely in the rule of threes. You can only live three days without water. So it’s really important to have a supply of water or at least a way to purify water. You can use FDA approved plastic bottles to store water, as it can have an indefinite shelf life that way.

2. Salt

So next up we have is salt. It can be life-sustaining in survival situations. You can use salt for different purposes like preserving meats and other health benefits. One thing that you want to be careful of is salt that has iodine in it can definitely spoil quicker. So choose an iodine free salt.

3. Honey

Number three on the list is definitely added to sweeten different types of foods and to cook with. Also there’s a lot of health benefits in fact we mix this with some cinnamon. And we take it, a lot of times when we have colds and it really helps. But there’s a lot of different types of honey. In fact you can get some local honey because it is the best. The bees and the pollen are in your area. So it’s great to have locally made honey. Interesting fact about honey is that it can last for thousands of years.  

4. Sugar

Number four is sugar now we definitely know a lot of the things that sugar can do. In a grid down situation having some sweetener would be great. It gives you instant energy. But one thing is to keep this in an airtight container that keeps the moisture out. 

5. Vinegar

Another very useful item is distilled white vinegar. It’s highly acidic and it actually keeps other foods fresh. But this can also be used not only for cooking but also for cleaning.

6. Maple syrup

Number six on the list is pure maple syrup; that is not the imitation syrup. The pure maple syrup is an indefinite food of course outside of your pancakes. It has resistant to microbial growth so it keeps the bacteria out and if mold ever forms on your syrup you can remove the mold. You can strain it, boil it and bring it back.

7. Vanilla Extract

Number seven is pure vanilla extract. Now there are imitation vanilla extracts that won’t last. But the intensity of the pure vanilla extract is worth the effort. It does contain alcohol so it makes it very hard for bacteria to grow in it. Of course it flavors food and it’s great for cooking and also pure vanilla extract is a forever food.

8. Corn Starch

Now one thing that you don’t really think about is corn starch. You know that is used for cooking it does thicken like gravies and things like that. But it also has a lot of other properties in fact the Egyptians use this for cosmetics and to make adhesives.

But it’ll also take care of sunburns. You can make deodorant out of it. By adding a little baking soda and coconut oil to remove stains. I mean there’s a ton of different things in fact you can actually loosen knots if something’s really tight you can sprinkle some on and this will help to break the knot. And then there’s a ton of other things that cornstarch can do and it is a forever food.

9. Instant coffee

Now one of my favorites on the list and really when I found out that instant coffee is a forever food I was excited not because I like instant coffee. But in a grid down situation that is one thing that I’m going to sorely miss so much is having instant coffee as a surrogate.

10. Dried Pasta

Now another food is dried pasta. Whatever type of pasta you use because it has no moisture in it. As long as you keep it sealed and out of moisture. Keep it in dark place this stuff lasts forever and that gives you a lot of hope for your ramen noodles 

11. Soy Sauce

Then we have soy sauce, soy sauce is a forever food but it does depend on your brand. And I don’t really know which are your favourite brands. 

12. Rice

Now rice is also considered a forever food. But you need white rice. You can’t use brown rice, brown rice has some oils in it and it will go rancid but again these need to be kept in an airtight moisture tight container and this stuff will last forever.

13. Dry beans

Dry beans is another survival food. If they have been around for a long time it’ll take longer for them to cook to soften them. But even then they’re still edible and so again the same thing is a cool dark place and it’s important to store your foods properly. 

14. Raw wheat & weed

Raw wheat and raw weed has been found in Egyptian tombs that were four or five thousand years old. And they were able to take that wheat and plant it and it actually grew. So wheat is definitely on the list now that’s going to take a little more processing and having a wheat grinder etc but it is one of your forever foods.

15. Liquors

Last but not least any kind of hard liquor whether it’s your white or your Brown liquors. These are going to last forever and one thing though that will not last our creme liqueurs things like that but your standard straight liquors. The great thing about these not only is it going to bring a smile to a lot of people that this is on the list. But definitely has some social value to it and also stress value you know.