Hi there,

My name is Dev and I’m an Indian-American Survival & tactical expert. I have been using n reviewing, survival and tactical gears for a long time now.

I’m also a passionate camper and trekker. I love to explore wilderness and nature. 

So here at BestSurvivalproducts I review tactical and survival gears for you people out there. And I also teach how to survive and handle emergency situations. 

I created this site to help you people, find the best gears and techniques for survival. I know you work hard for your money. So I want to make sure that you people get the best gears with best deals. 

So here are some of my latest trekking pictures.

This trek was so so much awesome, I was trekking with four of my buddies and we almost covered 50km (31 miles) distance in the Himalayas. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had, there were clouds above the mountains. It was a 3 days trek with a million, trillion, gazillion dollar experience. 

Unguided Survival Unguided Survival

We experienced different weather conditions in these 3 days. First day was cloudy and sunny, half of the second day was sunny and half was rainy. Morning of the third day was rainy but after 11:00 am it stopped raining. 

Unguided Survival

Although after this trip my legs were a bit sore. But the pain seems too less in front of the overwhelming joy and pleasure I got from this trip.

All of these pictures are clicked from our smartphones so quality can be little bit unsatisfactory.

unguided survival

First Day was Partial Cloudy

unguided survival

Cooking Food With Buddies (It was all natural we didn’t use any gas or fuel to lit fire. Just some stones, dry branches and dry leaves)

Unguided survival

We found a beautiful but dangerous waterfall(There was too less space for walking)

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