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My name is Dave and I’m a Survival & Tactical expert. I have been using n reviewing survival and tactical gear for a long time now.

I am a passionate camper and trekker and I love to explore the wilderness and nature.   Heading lakeside for me is more about the hiking trails than the watersports – although I do love a crazy jet ski.

So here at Best Survival Products I wanted to review tactical and survival gear for you readers and also show how to survive and handle emergency situations. 

I created this site to help people like you find the best gear and techniques for survival.  I know you work hard for your money so I want to make sure that you get the best information on survival gear along with the best deals. 

So, here are some of my latest trekking pictures in the Himalayas last year.

This trek was so so awesome!   I was trekking with a few of my buddies and we covered 31 miles in the Himalayas – mostly up rather than long.  It was one of the best experiences I have ever had.   It was a 3 days trek with a million, trillion, gazillion dollar view! 

Unguided Survival

We experienced different weather conditions in these 3 days.  First day was cloudy then sunny, half of the second day was sunny and half was rainy. Morning of the third day was rainy but after 11:00 am it stopped raining. 

Unguided Survival

Although my legs were a bit sore, the pain was worth it for the overwhelming joy and pleasure I got from this trip.

unguided survival


The terrain was rugged and really tough in some parts but there is such a peace that comes from being in nature and in survival mode.  Where else on earth can you walk through such majestic mountains with their local villages and enjoy such warm and natural hospitality.

There were stony trails, beautiful waterfalls and miles of grasslands.

Having quality backpacks and water reservoirs along with the right outdoor equipment was so important in this area of extremes.

I hope you enjoy reading about the best survival products to make your journey along your life path much easier.

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p.s. All of these pictures are taken from our smartphones so the quality can be little bit fuzzy.