About Alive After The Fall

Alive after the fall is a practical guide written by a university professor Alexander Cain. The book will help keep you and your family safe during any natural calamities or any man-made crisis.

It is packed with useful information and tips that every person should know. It contains many productive and practical strategies that you can use to survive the odd.

It also features real-life incidents to give it read an in-depth perspective of survivers. In the book, there is a vast knowledge of survival skills. And the techniques that we need to conquer nature and survive any calamity.

Alexander strongly believes that the world will end in January 2017 (which is obviously not true). And says that a conflict between the U.S. and Russia will lead to huge destruction.

This kind of weapon can completely destroy every electronic device in its range. If this happens then, it will be impossible to use any electronic devices and even electricity.

Thus everyone should prepare themselves to deal with that chaotic situation. The author has also connected some major real-life events with biblical prophecies from a hundred years ago.

The Alive After the Fall offers many tips and techniques that you should know to keep yourself alive. This book also helps you and your family to survive from some other calamities and disasters.


What you will learn from the book?

Throughout the book, we have discovered new things that remain very useful not only in the time of calamities. But also in our daily life as well. Some of the valuable things that we have learned from the book include:

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Protection from EMP attacks

The book provides a detailed discussion on making a device that will shield all your electronics from EMP attacks without much. It offers information on the top 5 devices that can help you to survive a tragedy.

Surviving a nuclear attack

The book offers a detailed discussion for surviving a nuclear attack. It teaches people what to do if there was a nuclear attack.

Most people do not have any idea on this topic so the book contains all sorts of information. It demystifies 5 common myths surrounding nuclear attacks. And provides you with the correct information.

You also get a guide on how to avoid nuclear radiation and treat people who an affected.

Chemical attack

Next, it covers chemical attacks and provides you with the information that you need to protect yourself. It tells you how you can copy with a chemical attract and things at your home to use as first aid.

The book also goes one step further and give a brief account of the chemicals that are used in chemical warfare.

Food and medicine

Food and medicine are the two essential things during a crisis. So the book teaches you the best ways to stockpile medicines and food.

These techniques will ensure the longevity of your supplies. And keep them from spoiling due to lack of power supply. It also offers you advice on what medications you should store in your first aid kit to protect against common diseases.


Not all areas will be safe as a shelter after the crisis hit. The book will provide you with information on. How to find the perfect spots with the least radiation, diseases, and hunger.

There is also a complete chapter on protection against looters and criminals. They might try to advantage of the crisis and try to break-in your house in case you decided to stay.

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The additional benefit of the book

Apart from the survival knowledge that is provided in the book. There are some additional benefits associated with it when compared to other guides in the market.

Easy to understand:

The content in the book is very simple and explained in simple terms. There are no big words or technical knowledge involved and these tips are very easy to use in our daily life.

We ourselves have applied many of these tips about food, medication, and personal safety in our daily life to be prepared.

Very comprehensive:

Often the survival book or guides are not very detailed and do not hit the right spot. Some of them provide only basic knowledge which is sometimes far from reality.

But this book offers a very comprehensive and quite easy to understand facts. The information in the book is gathered for credible sources. And the accounts given are very accurate.

Not only this, but the author also has well researched every account before putting it in the book. Thus, it is very reliable and very much on the point.

Useful for all survival enthusiast:

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced survivalist. This guide comes quite handy and helps you at the hour of need. The wide range of information provided in the book is new and fresh.

If you love survival activities, you will find something new in this book that you can use in your daily life.

Practical information:

The information presented in the book is much more practical and easy to learn. It teaches you how you can use simple home equipment to protect yourself from calamities.

For some people, it might be uncomfortable but it’s worth the pain to learn everything. In fact, we have learned so much, more than what this book has to offer just by doing things.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Another good thing about the book is that in case it does not work for you, you can avail of a refund. It is backed by a 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money-back guarantee. We personally don’t know how their refund policy works. But overall it is pretty much a risk-free opportunity to try out this product for 60 days.

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Few shortcomings of the book


Does not have a physical copy: One of the major flaws of the book is that it does not have any physical copy. You can only access it in the electronic form. There are many people who would like to read the physical book. So it would be nice if the book is also available in print forms.

Has a strong Christian influence: The book seems to be very strongly influenced by Christian thoughts and beliefs. This makes it quite difficult for non-Christians to embrace what is contained in the book.

Even among the Christians, there will be few, who will get lost somewhere while reading it. Due to poor knowledge of scriptures. Only those who have subscribed to the Holy Scriptures will feel aligned throughout the guide.

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More about book

Alive after the fall ​is a digital product that can be downloaded after purchasing the PDF/ebook format or viewed online. As we have stated earlier, it only comes in digital formal and does not have any physical copy.

Also, it is not available in the Amazon as well as at any other traditional bookseller. Apparently, it also comes with two special programs that include Biochemical Assault Survival and Surviving the subsequent Nuclear Attack.

About the author

The Alive After The Fall Program is created by Alexander Cain. He is a professor of theology and teaches at one of the leading universities in Arkansas.

He also has a doctorate degree in ancient history and archeology. From his early childhood, he has been interested in biblical knowledge.

Later, he follows his interest and spends over 17 years studying biblical scriptures. And cryptic texts as a research piece.

After years of research and hard work, he decided to create this program. It is aimed to help Christians and patriots survive the third World War (WW3).

He strongly believes that the world will end in January 2017 (which is obviously not true). And says that a conflict between the U.S. and Russia will lead to huge destruction. 

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