When stocking up your first aid kit, bandages should never be left out because of their many applications.

Bandages are useful for holding dressings and slings in the proper position, relieving pain, and reducing swelling.

They are also used to provide continuous pressure on bleeding wounds, and provide support or restrict movement for fractured ribs, inflamed joints, and varicose veins.

In extreme circumstances, bandages can also be used in lifting and carrying casualties.



Learn more about bandages as we present you with 5 of the top picks available in the market today so you can start stocking up on these essential first aid supplies.

Top 5 Best Bandages

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12 Pack Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages

The 12 Pack Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages from Mooerca are perfect for a wide array of applications. They are made from non-woven materials that are light, comfortable, breathable, and less irritating to the skin.

They can be used for body parts that are difficult to bandage such as fingers, wrists, ankles, and joints. The high-quality porous fabric is lightweight and provides adequate ventilation to promote faster healing and recovery.

The durable elastic bandages can be applied quickly and easily as you can tear them just by using your hands without the need for scissors.

These elastic bandages are self-adhesive and are gentle enough not to cause skin irritations but sturdy enough not to loosen and fall off with moisture or sweat.

They are ideal for tension and sprain, and relieve inflammation and encourage healing. They can even be used on your pets.

This self-adhesive bandage pack contains 12 rolls that are 5 yards long each for a total of 60 yards. The width of the bandage is 2 inches, and the best part is each roll comes in a different color that is individually packaged. Children will get a kick out of the bright rainbow colors!

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12 Pack 1” x 5 Yards Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage Wrap

The 12 Pack 1” x 5 Yards Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage Wrap from I-CHONY is designed for a wide range of usage.

These elastic bandages are made from a non-woven material that is comfortable and lightweight yet extremely elastic and breathable. They are suitable for difficult areas such as fingers, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, and joints. They are even perfect for your pets.

They are equipped with strong self-adhesive tape so no need for pins or clips. They will not pull on your skin or hair. They will not slip off so easily so no frequent adjustments or bandage changes are needed.

This value package includes 12 bandage rolls that are individually wrapped. Each roll measures 1” wide and 5 yards long.

They come in fun, attractive colors such as red, yellow, orange, purple, fluorescent green, black, blue, and white to match your clothes, and 3 rolls of the skin-colored variant.

These bandages were made in a sterile, medical-grade facility that has passed strict requirements in the standard production of first aid and medical supplies.

I-CHONY backs this package with its promise of quality assurance and prompt customer service.

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Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages



is a great collection of flexible and breathable non-woven first aid rolls.

These medical-grade self-adhesive bandages are designed to be durable for long-lasting protection, yet they tear easily by hand so that there is no need for scissors or cutters.

They are also designed to be highly elastic to offer a wide range of support for injured joints. These bandages can stretch at a maximum of double their original length which allows the skin to breathe and provides utmost comfort to users.

They are suitable for sports injuries, sprains, and inflammation on all parts of the body including fingers, wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, and feet. They are also suitable for your pets.

GSPCARE assures the highest standards in the production of these bandages and offers a 60-day guaranteed refund. If you are not 100% satisfied, they will give your money back, no questions asked.

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Ever Ready First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages

The Ever Ready First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages are an excellent choice for personal, home, or professional use.

These first Aid bandages are self-adhesive and will stay in place even in sweaty or moist conditions. No need for frequent bandage or dressing changes. They can be used even without pins or clips.

They are made from a high-quality elastic material that is tough yet easily torn just by hand and does not need scissors or shears.

The porous and lightweight fabric allows adequate ventilation of the injured area to promote faster healing and recovery.

These bandages work well in virtually any part of the body, especially in hard-to-bandage areas such as fingers, toes, knees, ankles, elbows, and joints.

They come in 6 fun and attractive colors such as pink, green, red, blue, navy, and purple that will surely be a hit with kids. These bandages are also great for your pets.

The Ever Ready First Aid Bandages come in a package that includes 6 rolls measuring 3” wide and 5 yards long, with each roll individually wrapped for your protection.

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Hampton Adams Beige Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap

The Hampton Adams Beige Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap are medical-grade self-adhesive bandages manufactured in a sterile medical-grade facility that boasts of following the strictest standards in the production of medical and surgical supplies.

They are perfect sports enthusiasts, cross-fit practitioners, physical therapists, gymnasts, and more. These bandages are easy to apply, easy on your skin, and easy to take off. They are latex-free and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for your pets, too.

These bandages are completely odor-free, and will not leave any sticky residue on your skin when removed. They are strong and reliable yet they tear off easily by hand so no need for scissors or cutters.

This package includes 14 rolls that each measure 2” wide and 5 yards long in a neutral beige color, each individually wrapped for your safety.

Hampton Adams fully backs this bandage wrap package with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with their product, they will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Things to Consider When Looking for First Aid Bandages


Bandages are one of the most useful elements of a good first aid kit. They are essential for a good number of applications when dealing with everyday injuries and accidents.

There are 3 main types of bandages that you should stock up in your first aid kit. The most common are roller bandages. They come in a single continuous strip designed to be lightweight and breathable. They are typically made from cotton gauze or a thicker crepe gauze material.

The most versatile types are triangular bandages. They are designed for creating slings that can stabilize broken bones and support soft tissue injuries. They are usually made from a single sheet of calico or thick cotton.

The most specialized types are tubular bandages. They are designed to provide a small amount of pressure, such as holding a dressing against a limb. They are usually made from circular and elasticized cotton fabric.

When it comes to taking care of your family and yourself, a well-stocked first aid kit must be your number 1 priority.