(Light Weight)Bug Out Backpack Checklist

Bug out backpack checklist

Let’s get started with tools keeping in mind simplicity because tools can add up really fast and turn your bug out bag into a bloated fat mess of extra weight that is absolutely unnecessary.

So In this post i’ll list all the essential items for your perfect and lightweight bug out backpack.

Ultimate Bug Out Backpack Checklist


1. Knife

Knives are great utility as well as combat tool. You can use a knife for almost anything like cutting, batoning, bushcrafting, chopping etc. 

2. Multitool

It is a great compact tool when it comes to bugging out. It offers a lot of tools which can be used for various circumstances. 

3. Folding saw

A folding saw can be a great option for cutting trees while bugging out.

4. Poncho & Hammock

I’m not adding a tent to this list because of the weight limit. You know tents are heavy to carry and they occupy a lot of space in your backpack. So I’m using a waterproof and tear resistant poncho and hammock combination.

5. Sleeping bag (sleeping pad)

Make sure to get a good sleeping bag for bugging out. You can combine a sleeping bag with hammock. That way you’ll stay off the ground and be more safe.

6. Survival Blanket

Survival blankets are great options for a light bug out backpack. You can use them for a longer period of time and also they don’t occupy that much space.

7. Compass

Relying on a phone compass while exploring wilderness is a big mistake. You should get a good lensatic or mirror compass.

8. Map of the location

This is another important thing that most people miss out. You should get a map of your target area.

9. Binoculars

You need a good magnifying device for your bug out. Because you can’t just enter any location without checking it out.

10. First Aid Kit

Make sure to pack a good first aid kit for your bug out. With different medications and accidental kits. Check this ultimate First Aid Kit

11. Paracord

You need to have a good quality paracord for your bug out backpack.

12. N95 Mask

You don’t need to buy a big bulky gas mask. N95 is a compact mask which protects you from various air pollutants.

13. A pair of extra Clothing

You can get a good tactical pant, t shirt, shocks, jacket and other clothing. Make sure to get good rugged clothes because you have to spend days in it.

14. Fire starter

You can get a survival lighter or ferro rod as a fire starter.

15. Light

You can use a combination of solar camping lights. And a compact small survival flashlight for bugging out. 

16. For Communication

You can use ham radios or walkie talkies for communication. Make sure to get a notepad pen & pencil. You can also get emergency whistles for communication.

17. Personal hygiene 

You don’t have to carry a lot of things in this category. Just make sure to carry important stuff like tampon, sanitizer, soap, toothpaste.

18. For self defense

You can carry a compact gun with ammo and it’s cleaning kit. Pepper spray, bug and mosquito repellent spray. Slingshot for hunting and defense. Fishing hooks can be very helpful.

19. Personal ID

Make sure to carry a valid ID of yourself.

20. Survival Water Filter

You can’t carry a huge pack of water bottles with you while bugging out. So it’s best to get a portable survival water filter. Check best portable survival water filter here

21. Food & Utensils

You can carry survival food that is easy to cook and easy to digest. Make sure you don’t fill your bag with exotic food. And since you’re in wild so you can also hunt and cook. For cooking your can carry a stainless steel pot and a mug for holding and drinking water.


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