The bulletproof home defense is a book on self-defense that is created by an army veteran Steve Walker. The book is a comprehensive guide to home defense strategies that you need in the time of emergency.

All the techniques or tools that you need to protect yourself and your family are present in the guide. Not even a single step is missing to ensure the safety of the reader.

The tips and lessons that are provided in the book are simply amazing. The book presents you with real-life stories of people. That has gone through similar incidents.

How they use the basic survival skills and also develop their own ways to survive in an emergency. The author has ensured that everything is explained in an easy way. To eliminate any chances of doubts and failure.

The book also contains illustrations that make things a lot easier to understand. One thing that we really like is that it deals with the truth.

That survival techniques change from person to person. Thus, it does make any hollow promises and encourages you to be prepared for the worst situations.

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What is included in this book?

The book basically consists of information about survival tips. And basics techniques that one can use during a crisis. It focuses on three main things that are, protecting your family effectively.

Armoring your home from any calamities and driving the intruder out without hurting yourself. The best thing about the book is that it explains the faults and mistakes of real-life survivors that put their life at risk.

This really helps us to understand what we should be doing and what we should avoid in times of crisis. Throughout the book, we have learned new survival skills that remain useful not only in the time of crisis but also in our daily life.

Some of the valuable things that we have learned includes

  1. Home defenseThe book contains a lot of home defense techniques for preppers. These techniques are very easy to understand and implement. So that everyone can use them effectively.
  2. Right attitude – Defensive attitude is very important when facing any calamities. Thus, the book teaches you the right defensive attitude that can save your life and the life of your loved ones.
  3. Self-defenseSelf-defense is something that is very essential. Not only in an emergency but also in our daily life. There are dedicated self-defense concepts and strategies to avoid becoming a target.
  4. Another survival consideration – It also includes some other miscellaneous chapters like storage, legal/illegal defense practice, alarms, and other things related to defense.

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Some bonuses with the book

Apparently the book also comes with 4 extra books which are essential during a social and economic breakdown. These books include

Boomer’s Guide To Prepping: It is a survival guide for people who are 60 years old or above. Very often in the time of crisis, many people sideline the safety of the senior citizens. So, Steve created this guide to help older people make the most out of their old age. It also talks about certain health conditions that older people suffer from than younger people. 

Unlimited Power: 5 Cheap or Free Energy Sources for a Crisis. As the name suggested, it is a guide on how to maintain the power supply in your house running in any situation. The guide covers topics from small sources of power to the DIY electrical generators. It teaches you how you can be self-sufficient by using alternative sources and life off-grid.

Crash Proof: How To Survive An Economic Collapse. This is an ultimate guide on how to survive without cash in case of an economic collapse. Here, the writer shares his experience in foreign countries where he survived the economic crisis. It will help you to be prepared for the dark uncertainties of future currency meltdown.

Doctor In A Box: Last but not least you get a full first aid kit guide. Which makes you capable of handling a minor medical emergency. At the time of crisis, the availability of a doctor is uncertain. Thus learning these skills is very important. This will help you to increase your chances of survival in the time of any calamity.

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More about the book :

Bulletproof home defense​ ​ is a digital product that can be accessed at once after purchasing the PDF/ebook format. You can also ask for a physical copy of the product with the digital copy.



  • The book offers very comprehensive information and covers all kinds of survival techniques.
  • The addition of a real-life survivor’s story makes it very interesting. And provides a new perspective.
  • The language used in the book is very simple and easy to understand. People with little knowledge can also pick up the pace very quickly.
  • It is offered in three different formats that make it very flexible for the read.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the book does not work for you, you can easily take your money back.
  • The book also comes with bonuses that make it a very attractive choice.


  1. Take time to read all the information that is available in the book. It is also easy to get lost with so much information which makes the learning process a little harder.

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About the author

The author of Bulletproof Home is Steve Walker who is an Army veteran. He served in the army for 22 years and in those he has seen many adverse situations.

He is also an experienced survivalist and knows almost everything about the prepping. Steve decided to write this book.

After he witnessed the devastation of Egypt during the Arab Spring. During that time he realized that most of the common prepping techniques are useless when an actual crisis occurs.

He learned that most survival strategies are about stocking food and building fences is simply not enough. You have to learn some basic things with different perspectives to survive a real disaster.

So he put together this amazing home security guide that will increase your chances of survival. 

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