cold steel oss knife review

Cold Steel OSS is one of the most beloved knife in hunters and military community. It has great combat abilities with double edge.

However, because its twin edges are honed to razor sharpness. It’s also capable of delivering a lightning quick slash in virtually any direction. An ideal choice for use in countries or localities that prohibit or restrict double edged knives.

So In this article I’m going to review Cold Steel OSS for you. And I’ll cover all the good and bad aspects of this knife. So that you can decide if it’s really worth  purchasing or not.

Key features 

  • AUS 8A Steel Stainless
  • Secure-Ex Sheath
  • Handle are made of Kraton G
  • Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless
  • Comes with sharpen twin edges


Detail Review

The Cold Steel OSS is fixed blade knife and has an overall length of 13-3/8 inches and a blade length of 8-1/4 inches. It weighs around 9 ounces.


cold steel oss knife

The blade of the knife is made up of full tang 4.7mm thick Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel. It’s a double edged knife which means you can’t use this as a survival utility knife.

It seems thin and fragile to be used as a tool, and the lack of spine precludes the possibility of placing much force into a cut. You can’t baton it for chopping wood and other than fighting there’s no real use for it in normal life.

But the Blade is long and massive and it definitely means serious business! This gives it a lot of reach which is quite beneficial when you’re under stress. Most of the people don’t particularly practice knife fighting all the time.

So that reach is very critical especially when you have a razor sharp double-edged blade. The cold steel also have an OSI version which is the single full flat grind edge knife, kind of brother of it. OSS got a hollow grind and a nice clip point edge.

All the sides comes razor sharp for the factory. There is no coating on the blade but a shiny finish as AUS 8A has a very good rust resistance quality. Cold steel have used this japanese made steel in many of their other knives as well, so it’s a tried and tested steel.

Overall it’s a well built blade with quality material. It is definitely not a bushcraft or survival utility knife but a real killing combat battle knife.

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cold steel oss knife

Handle is made up of kraton material and are molded around the tang of the knife. And that reduce cost and weight of the knife. It is stable and have a fairly good design.

Scales are nicely textured and provide a good grip. As it is a sub hilt knife, at the front there’s a cross guard and a sub hilt for a better control over the knife.

But as the guard and sub hilt is made up of kraton and no metal is used. Therefore in an actual stressed situation it might be of no use. It can easily be chopped off while fighting and your hand will be then exposed to injury.

It would be better if they are made up of steel and kraton is molded over them. It would be safer and more useful in a fight. Other than that it is a very solid handle, well built and grip is also very good.


cold steel oss knifeIt’s a Secure-Ex Sheath as cold steel calls it. It’s made up of plastic not kydex but kind of thermoplastic. It’s solid, lightweight and doesn’t retain lots of moisture.

Aesthetically, it looks tactical and have a black spray paint finish. It has friction lock mechanism which holds the knife really tight and there is no way it will come out on its own.

Due to this there is no rattle inside the sheath which is quite good for stealth movement. It got one retention strap for the knife but it is not necessary here. It’s also provided with a velcro belt loop and the best part is that you won’t have to take off your belt and that’s nice.

This isn’t molle compatible but there are enough holes for you to mount it to any system you want. Overall it’s a nice and basic sheath.

The friction lock, the velcro belt loop and its lightness makes it a good companion for the knife. It’s necessary not the best sheath out there but when you consider the price at which you are getting the whole package, it feels fairly good.

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  • High quality and durable knife.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Sharp and rustproof blade.
  • Not available in some states.

Field Test Video


This knife is very good when it comes to actual combat situations. The aggressive twin blade design is very suitable when it comes to self defense situation. If you are someone who needs a very aggressive knife for self defense whether you’re in the military or as a civilian or even in the woods against animals. Then it might be a good option for you.

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