Find out if the Condor Bushlore Knife is the best bushcraft knife.

The Condor Bushlore knife is a good option for people who are wanting to buy a really good value, budget knife for all survival needs.

So In this post I’ll review the Condor Bushlore knife. And I’ll cover all the good and bad aspects in detail. So that you can decide whether this is the knife for you.

Key Features

The Condor Bushlore Knife is made in El Salvador from high quality 1075 high carbon steel.  The whole knife measures about 10 inches and the blade itself is about 5 inches.

It is a really solid bushcraft knife that keeps it edge for a long time and is one of our top value knives.  The blade is finished in blasted satin and built for performance and durability.  We accidently left ours out in the rain and whilst it did rust slightly, the metal did not pit and the edge was still very sharp.

The handle is made of hardwood and fits nicely in your hand.  It feels quite balanced and is full tang.

The leather sheath is made of good quality leather with a good rib down the side.  The stitching is well done and the whole sheath is really robust.

Again, for the price this knife represents really good quality and value.

Overall look and feel of the knife

The Condor Bushlore knife is a fixed blade full tang knife and has a length of 10 inches and a handle length of 5 inches. It weighs around 12.8 ounces.


best bushcraft knife

The blade of the knife is made up of 5 inches long 1075 high carbon steel which is more than enough for most outdoor choirs. It is both tough and wear-resistant. And at 3mm thick, it can handle some light to medium chopping or batoning easily.

It is very easy to touch up and after some stropping, it cleanly shaved hair. The spine of the Condor Bushlore is grounded perfectly flat 90 degrees to use it with firesteel. You can create some nice sparks with the spine and starting the fire was piece of cake.

The blade has a modified scandi grind, basically a scandi with a micro bevel along with the secondary bevel. This makes it an excellent slicing tool. Edge retention of the blade is also excellent. Even after heavy use for extended periods of time it still retains a fairly sharp edge.

Out the box the Condor Bushlore knife came fairly sharp. And have a blasted satin finish which achieved by sand or bead blasting the exposed metal portion of the blade. It adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion as 1075 is not a stainless steel.

Talking about corrosion, you really have to take proper care of the knife. Otherwise rust will definitely damage the performance of your knife. Design and geometry of the blade is on point. It features a drop-point design. And a nice gentle curvy belly, symmetrical to each other almost making a spear shape.

The shape helps the tip of the knife to easily score and drill into wood effortlessly. And retains perfect amount of toughness which is quite important for a bushcraft knife.

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condor bushcraft knife

The handles are made of hardwood held by two brass bolsters on the tank of the knife. And are also available in micarta handles but that will cost more.

It is smooth and has a lanyard hole in the back for the survivalist paracord sculpture. It got a decent sized grip area that works well for most hand sizes. The handle is comfortable and doesn’t have any hot spots.

During the bushcrafting chores and you wouldn’t notice any discomfort or unexpected vibrations. You wouldn’t want to spend the whole day batoning with it without gloves on, but it’s definitely ergonomic enough. Condor did a bang up job contouring the hardwood scales.

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ir?t=unguidedsurvi 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002CC6BPMcondor knife sheathThe sheath is a thick leather welted and riveted style designed to last as long as the knife and well after. It has an imprint of condor logo on it, which is an interesting touch and at the back there’s a belt loop. The belt loop is very securely stitched onto the leather sheath.

Its size will fit all belts, including the 2 inch “tactical” ones. The knife is held in tight by the frictional force securely, even when upside down. However, it isn’t hard to remove from the sheath but it may come looser as it breaks in.

The sheath doesn’t dangle, it sit pretty high on your waist which you may or may not like according to your personal preference. But it is not hard to pull the knife out. Except for a drainage hole, the sheath is a perfect match for the knife.

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  • Well built and highly durable.
  • Very comfortable and feels great in hand.
  • Great leather sheath with belt loop.
  • Budget outdoor knife.
  • Needs sharpening after unboxing.

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It is a great knife with boat loads of features. And anyone who’s looking for a good durable and comfortable camp/bushcraft knife.

The Condor Bushlore Knife a great value option for all your survival needs.

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