A first aid kit is a must-have if you are planning to go out into the great outdoors for camping. It does not matter whether you are just going camping overnight beside the local lake, or venturing into the vast wilderness for a week. You should not be caught red-handed if an emergency arises.

You can assemble your own first aid kit so you can decide what to put in it. But there are first aid kits available that you can buy so that you know everything you may need is in there already and you won’t forget anything. You just need to make sure that all the basic necessities are covered and available.

First Aid Kits


Caution is still the best protection against injuries, and we believe that the best first aid kit is one that you do not need to use. Still, read on as we review 5 of the best first aid kits available today to guide you in your purchase.

Top 5 Best First Aid Kits

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First Aid Only 299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit

The First Aid Only 299 Piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit is an indispensable collection of first aid supplies for any emergency in the home or on-the-go.

This essential first aid kit contains fabric and plastic adhesive bandages for minor abrasions, cuts, and puncture wounds.

It also contains burn cream and cold packs to soothe minor burns, scalds, abrasions, and sunburns.

Included are over-the-counter oral medications for the immediate relief of minor aches and pains that usually come with colds, headaches, muscle and backaches, and arthritis.

The kit is organized in a clear and soft plastic-lined nylon case for quick and easy access to the first aid supplies.

It measures 9.25” x 2.875” x 7” and weighs a mere 1 lb., making it extremely lightweight and portable.

The incredibly low price and the great assortment of contents make this kit an excellent starting point for first-timers.

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Pac-Kit 6060 57 Piece #10 ANSI First Aid Kit

The Pac-Kit 6060 57 Piece #10 First Aid Kit is an OSHA-compliant collection of 57 pieces of first aid supplies enough to treat up to 10 people.

The kit comes in a hard plastic storage case with individual compartments to keep everything neatly organized and easy to find in any emergency situation.

The case is also lined with a weatherproof rubber seal to protect the supplies from moisture.

It is equipped with a handle for easy transport or you can choose to mount it on a wall, making it ideal for the home, office, or workplace.

The kit includes bandages, gauze pads, trauma pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment packets, and essential tools such as scissors, tweezers, and nitrile examination gloves, as well.

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Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose First Aid Kit

The Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose First Aid Kit is a compact and portable emergency kit ideal for homes, offices, cars, dormitory rooms, camping, hiking, or anywhere on-the-go. It is a perfect assembly of essential supplies to help treat minor cuts, wounds, burns, scrapes, skin rashes, itches, pain, and insect bites.

This handy multi-purpose first aid kit contains important wound care and first aid supplies such as gauze pads and rolled gauze, cleansing wipes, assorted bandages, antibiotic and anti-itch creams, acetaminophen caplets, instant cold pack, and more.

This first aid kit includes Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages in different sizes for different-sized wounds. There are Band-Aid Brand First Aid Products such as gauze pads, non-stick pads, and rolled gauze for large but still minor wounds and cuts.

It also comes with a full-size 0.5 oz Neosporin + Pain Relief topical cream to relieve pain and help prevent infection and a full-size 1 oz. Extra-Strength Benadryl Itch-Stopping topical cream to help alleviate itching due to rashes or insect bites.

For minor aches and pains, included in this travel first aid kit are Tylenol Extra-Strength Acetaminophen caplets, and a Bengay Non-Medicated Instant Cold Pack.

What’s more, there are 2 pairs of gloves and a very well-appreciated first aid guide to help you along.

Everything is organized in a durable hard plastic box that measures 3.27” x 9.75” x 7”, and weighs a measly 1.19 lbs., perfectly compact and lightweight.

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Coleman All Purpose Mini First Aid Kit

The Coleman 27-Piece All-Purpose Mini First Aid Kit is a compact first aid kit that contains the most common supplies that may be needed in minor emergencies.

Included are latex-free butterfly, knuckle, and spot bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic and sting-relief wipes.

All supplies come in a reusable and crush-resistant metal tin small enough to bring just about anywhere. It comes with an embossed cross logo to make it easy to identify.

This kit will work very well for short trips and a small number of people. It is also a great option for backpackers who go on longer trips and the weight of your backpack is really crucial.

The Coleman All-Purpose Mini First Aid Kit is ideal for small emergencies, but it is limited in handling complex issues. And since it is compact, the contents are also limited and will be difficult to replenish as there is no room to bring extras.

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First Aid Kit Hard Red Case 326 Pieces

The First Aid Kit Hard Red Case is an OSHA and ANSI-compliant first aid kit that contains 326 pieces of essential supplies sufficient to treat up to 100 people.

This all-purpose first aid kit includes antiseptic towelettes; alcohol prep and sting relief pads; ointment packets; burn cream; antacid, aspirin, and non-aspirin tablets; different-sized adhesive bandages; butterfly bandages; wound strips; gauze rolls; eye pads; sterile gauze and trauma pads; and instant cold pack.

Additional supplies include cotton tip applicators, adhesive tape roll, finger splints, and essential tools such as tweezers, metal scissors, and nitrile examination gloves.

The kit also comes with an English and Spanish first aid guide.

It is packed in a high-density plastic case that features organized multiple compartments, tilting shelves, sliding lock latches, and a clear lid to easily locate the supplies.

The case measures 13” x 12” x 4” and weighs 0.2 lbs. so you can carry it anywhere you need it. It is also designed to be wall-mountable, making it ideal for the home, office, school, or workplace.

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Things to Look for In a First Aid Kit


Whatever your needs may be, there is always a first aid kit available on the market that will perfectly suit you.

For example, if you are a parent of a newborn, a first aid kit designed for a young child is what you need. Items that can treat stomach and earaches, teething issues, or croup are important.

If you are a hiker or camper, you may need a large first aid kit if you travel in groups. You would need supplies to help treat falls, sprains, or cuts and scrapes especially if you find yourself in rugged terrain.

Whatever the circumstances, the most basic first aid supplies you should prepare are splints or wraps, gauze, bandages, medical tape, rubbing alcohol, antibiotic and anti-itch creams, aspirin, and tweezers.

It is equally important that before embarking on any adventure, make sure you check the contents of your first aid kit and replenish what has been used so you know you are prepared for any emergency that may come up