First aid tapes, also known as medical or surgical adhesive tapes, are an essential part of any first aid kit.

They are used to attach bandages, dressings, or gauze, to the skin surrounding a wound. Most of these adhesive tapes are pressure-sensitive, meaning they stick in place when pressure is applied to them.

There are different types of medical adhesive tapes available to stock up your first aid kit. The most common types include the following:

· Micropore paper tape is made from 100% viscose fabric with a layer of acrylic adhesive that is hypoallergenic.

· Transpore polyethylene tape is made from a non-stretch film that is both hypoallergenic and translucent.

· Zinc oxide tape is made from either rayon or non-stretch cotton that works well in humid surfaces, such as among athletes.

· Waterproof tape is designed for use in water and is made from an extremely flexible material that is ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as between fingers, toes, and joints.

· The cloth tape is one of the most widely used and versatile types of medical adhesive tape because it is flexible, comfortable, easily tears in any direction, and ideal for long-term use because of its breathability.

First Aid Tapes


Let us help you find the 4 best first aid tapes available in the market today so you can start organizing your first aid kit for your next outdoor adventure.

Top 4 Best First Aid Tapes

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Nexcare Durable Cloth First Aid Tape

The Nexcare Durable Cloth First Aid Tape is a tough cloth tape not only for general bandaging but also when extra strength is required. It is brought to you by Nexcare, the leading manufacturer of hospital tapes in the U. S.

This tape is the perfect choice for securing bulky dressings and splints because of its superior adhesive properties. It also stays on even when you exercise.

It tears easily even without scissors which is crucial in an emergency. It is designed to be breathable for extra comfort.

It does not contain any rubber latex, making it hypoallergenic and non-skin irritating.

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Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape

The Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape is a water-resistant adhesive that stays on, wet or dry, and will stay on until you remove it yourself.

These clear, waterproof bandages are designed to keep water and moisture out to protect any minor scrapes, wounds cuts, and blisters you may get while cooking, exercising, cleaning, camping, gardening, fishing, swimming, or any other activities.

It is made from an ultra-thin, breathable material equipped with a 360-degree seal to keep water, dirt, and bacteria from contaminating your wounds. These bandages are extremely flexible to conform to the curves of your fingers, joints, elbows, knees, and other hard-to-reach areas.

It does not leave any sticky residue on your skin when removed and comes in a transparent design that perfectly matches your skin tone.

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Nexcare Gentle Paper First Aid Tape With Dispenser

The Nexcare Gentle Paper First Aid Tape is another superior product from Nexcare that deserves a place in your first aid kit.

It is made from 50% elastic paper and 50% polyester that is ideal for sensitive skin.

Its gentle adhesive formula is perfect for post-surgical applications and frequent gauze or dressing changes.

The Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape is non-irritating, easily removed, and does not cause any skin discomfort or irritation even if it stays on for a long time.

Its special adhesive also sticks to wet or damp skin without any problems.

It comes with a neat tape dispenser so no more looking around for that loose end.

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Nexcare Flexible Clear First Aid Tape

The Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape is a hospital-grade adhesive tape that you can use at home.

It is excellent for securing dressings, gauze, and splints, and medical devices such as catheters, tubings, and much more.

It has a water-resistant formula that can be worn even in the shower.

Its breathable design provides comfort, while its perforations allow the tape to tear easily in any direction for a fuss-free application, especially in emergencies.

It is designed to conform to hard-to-areas such as between fingers, joints, and toes.

What makes Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape more appealing is its transparent design to give you a virtually undetectable wound dressing.

It is not made with natural rubber latex and comes in ¾” x 7 yards, 1” x 10 yards, and 2” x 10 yards sizes.

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What to Look for In a First Aid Tape


A first aid tape should be reliable, easy to use, and versatile. Medical emergency situations usually require those features.

Medical professionals and EMS and ambulance workers usually prefer transpore polyethylene tape because it is durable, efficient, and works well on any surface including those that have hair or are wet with either water or blood.

However, for everyday use or low-pressure situations, micropore tape will suffice. It is gentle on the skin and can stay in place for days without falling off by itself.

Athletics, on the other hand, require a medical tape that is strong and flexible such as zinc oxide tape. It allows the natural movements of athletes without fear of the tape falling off.

One common feature that you must look for is that the tape can be easily be torn by your hands and does not need scissors. It is a big advantage in instances where time is of the essence.

If you are assembling a first aid kit yourself, it will not hurt if you try to include first aid tapes of different types so that you are prepared for whatever emergency may come your way.