A fishing lure is an artificial fishing bait used to attract fish and comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Each is designed to attract a specific species of fish. It is the most common alternative to using live bait.

Fishing lures are preferable to live bait because they allow you to focus on a specific species, are less messy, and easily interchangeable. They are also a better option for catch and release practices, and effective in both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

The most common types of fishing lures include the following:

· Plugs or crankbaits are hard plastic lures made to resemble live bait.

· Jigs are designed with a weighted head to make them sink.

· Spinnerbait are lures that move horizontally across the water.

· Spoons are concave metal lures designed to make them shine and wobble across the water.

· Soft plastics are rubbery baits made to resemble aquatic creatures, and flies are a simple hook and skirt combination with either feather, thread, or fur tied to them to resemble prey.

Fishing Lures


If you are still unsure about what to buy, let us help you with your choice as we present you with the top fishing lure kits available today.

Top 4 Best Fishing Lures

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TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout

Truscend Fishing Lures are life-like lures designed with 8-segment multi-jointed bodies that sink slowly and move like live bait to attract fish species such as bass, walleye, yellow perch, muskie, pike, trout, roach, salmon, and snook, among others.

They have realistic-looking 3D eyes and a pearl powder coating that makes them look vivid, delicate, and highly attractive.

They are made from high-quality and environmentally-friendly ABS plastic and come with a built-in rattle to continuously make fish sound waves while they move underwater.

They perform well in both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and in all water layers.

The life-like body detail and swimming action, together with the trebled mustad hooks make this fishing lure collection a vital addition to your fishing ensemble.

Truscend offers 12-month quality assurance for 100% customer satisfaction as well as lifetime professional customer service.

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CharmYee Bass Fishing Lure

CharmYee Bass Fishing Lures are equipped with 6-segment, multi-jointed bodies designed to sink slowly and move with life-like swimming motions to attract and provoke fish.

These lures are made from high-quality ABS plastic designed with realistic 3D eyes and pearl powder coating that perfectly mimics live fish bait.

The 6 segments of the lure are linked with a tough link material that can withstand a tensile force of up to 20 lbs.

They are equipped with razor-sharp hooks that can easily pierce fish and trident crochet hooks that make it hard for the fish to get out of.

They are also equipped with inner bass steel balls that not only make them more stable in the water but also emit a bass sound wave continuously to attract your target fish.

They also come with flexible fishtails that allow them to move faster in the water, making them more attractive to fish.

If bass is your favorite, then these lures are for you. But they will work equally well with yellow perch, trout, muskie pike, or walleye.

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Smartonly Fishing Lure Set

The Smartonly Fishing Lure Set is an amazing collection of 275 pieces of fishing lures that have life-like colors and designs, and are excellent for salmon, bass, and trout fishing.

Included are soft fishing lures, frog lures, hard metal lures with VIB rattle, minnow, crank poppers, and metal jig hooks.

The life-like colors and detailed patterns perfectly simulate live baitfish while the steel ball-bearing VIB rattle provides a constant bass sound wave as they swim in the water.

The variety of fishing lures give anglers a wide array of options for saltwater and freshwater fishing, ocean boat, ocean beach, and ocean rock fishing, as well as fishing in lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, and reservoirs.

The lures come organized in a durable plastic fishing tackle box that measures 7.9” x 4.72” x 2.4”, and are randomly selected so the colors may vary but the contents are the same.

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TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass

Truscend Fishing Lures for Bass are designed to target deep-water dwelling fish. They boast of flexible split dorsal fins that hide the hook and prevent hang-ups.

Truscend’s development team in Japan used a revolutionary two-tone injection process using Japanese organic and degradable plastics to provide perfect action and balance to these fishing lures.

The jig lures are ideal for long casts and are slow sinkers with a fluttering motion. The soft-body swimbaits are precisely engineered for great kicking action for low and fast speeds.

The soft baits are equipped with life-like patterns, holographic eyes, solid wire construction, and specialized 3D paddle tails to give off vibrations as they move across the water.

Whether you are fishing in rivers, reefs, or estuaries, in freshwater or saltwater, Truscend’s lures are sure to yield your catch of bass, walleye, pike snook, trout, redfish, salmon, and more.

Truscend backs this fishing lure kit with their 100% satisfaction guarantee for product quality and friendly customer service.

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Things to Consider When Buying Fishing Lures


When buying fishing lures, there are a few factors you should keep in mind so that you can make the most of your fishing trips by catching as many as you can.

First of all, think about the fish you want to focus on. You should match the size of your lure to the size of your target. Too big and you just scare them away. Too small and they won’t see it.

Go for lures that mimic the color of your prey. Brightly-colored lures do not work all the time and going as naturally as possible can yield more success.

The location of your fishing expedition is also crucial. Freshwater fish tend to respond to artificial bait while saltwater fish respond more to live bait.

The changing seasons can also influence your choice of lures. Cold waters tend to require slow-moving lures such as shaky heads, while warm waters need fast-moving lures such as crankbaits.