Fishing tools such as fishing pliers are an important part of an angler’s tackle box. He needs a good pair to cut fishing lines, tie knots, remove a deeply-embedded hook, cut a steel leader, flatten a barb, or any other tasks that he might encounter during fishing.

A beginner might focus on buying the best rods, reels, line, and tackle that his budget will allow, and may forget about fishing pliers to complete his fishing gear. However, an experienced fisherman will know that fishing pliers are indispensable in helping make things more efficient and effortless.

Fishing Tools


Read on and let us guide you in choosing the fishing pliers that will suit your specific needs with our review of our top 4 picks.

Top 4 Best Fishing Tools

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Bronze Times Aluminum Fishing Pliers

The Bronze Times Aluminum Fishing Pliers is an excellent pair of fishing pliers designed for ice, fly, freshwater, and saltwater fishing.

The main body is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum material for extreme durability and corrosion resistance. The jaws are made from high-grade stainless steel that is made more durable and long-lasting by the titanium coating.

The split-ring design allows for quick removal of rings from a hook or bait, while the tungsten carbide cutters provide exceptional power to easily cut even the toughest and heaviest fly lines, braided lines, and mono leader. You can also use these pliers to crimp sleeves and leads.

It is designed with a special anti-slip and spring-loaded handle to give you a firm and secure grip, a crucial feature for anglers and fishermen.

It comes in vibrant colors for added visibility, and this package includes a wire-coiled lanyard so you can never lose your pliers and a woven nylon sheath for storing them away safely.

One feature that sets this tool apart is that the tungsten carbide cutters are replaceable. When they dull out, you do not need to buy a whole new pair, you just need to replace the cutters.

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ZACX Fishing Pliers

The ZACX Fishing Pliers is an upgraded, all-purpose fishing pliers for ice, fly, freshwater, and saltwater fishing.

With these pliers, you can easily cut fishing lines, crimp sleeves and leads, and remove hooks. It is made from a corrosion-resistant yet durable material for use in worry- and fuss-free freshwater and saltwater fishing.

The upgrade is an improvement in the length of the handle. The classic T-handle has been extended to 4.3“, but still boasts of an EVA foam ergonomic grip to add strength and reduce fatigue for long bouts of fishing.

The high-quality spring-loaded mechanism allows the handle to be used freely and easily with just one hand, further enhancing its longer usage.

The pliers are constructed from high-grade aluminum which makes them strong and corrosion-resistant. Another upgraded feature is the polished hollowed-out design to make it even more lightweight without sacrificing durability. It also comes with a lanyard so you won’t lose them.

Many buyers were skeptical of the price of these pliers. It is one of the most affordable in the market, and many equate low prices with low quality. But the ZACX fishing pliers proved them wrong. The skeptics are now satisfied customers with the excellent performance these pliers give them every time.

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Piscifun Fishing Pliers Aluminum Braid Cutters

The Piscifun Fishing Pliers is a multi-functional piece of equipment that can be used as a braid cutter, split ring plier, fish holder, and hook remover. It comes in black and silver, blue and silver, and deep black color variants for that forever-stylish look.

It is 7.7” by 3.9” by 1.2” in dimension, and weighs 3.72 oz. It is constructed from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that provides excellence in durability and corrosion resistance.

The CNC-cut handles provide excellent grip without causing fatigue. The spring-loaded mechanism allows you to use the pliers with just one hand.

The stainless-steel jaws are coated with titanium guaranteed to be strong and tough enough to remove hooks and split rings.

The tungsten carbide cutters are the sharpest you can find in the market so you won’t have any trouble cutting even the toughest braided, fly, and backing lines, and the heaviest mono leaders. They are also fully replaceable so you just need to buy cutter replacements should they dull out.

It comes with a nylon sheath for safe storage, a belt loop clasp, and a coiled lanyard so you can take it anywhere you go without fear of losing them.


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HOOK-EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool

The HOOK-EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool is equipped with a built-in stainless-steel line cutter and is perfect for ice, freshwater, and saltwater fishing.

It is constructed from high-quality 100% raw virgin UV-resistant polypropylene reinforced with stainless-steel fittings that make it suitable for use in all weather conditions.

You can also use it to tie jig heads, swivels, and speed clips. It is great for joining line to line and attaching your backing line to the tippet.

It is an excellent tool to use in cold weather conditions if you have arthritic fingers, or suffer from disabilities to the hands. You can easily tie a clinch or Palomar knot every time. It fits hooks from the standard 4/0 to the smallest no. 28 hooks.

You can also use HOOK-EZE to cover the hooks you have already attached to the pole so you can transport them safely. You need not worry about damaging your car, boat, or RV.

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Things to Consider When Buying Fishing Pliers


A good pair of fishing pliers should have a few important features, including the following:

1. It should be made from a durable and rust-resistant yet lightweight material for your convenience. Aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium are great choices.

2. It should be sharp enough to cut every type of line including monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines. Some cutters are even strong enough to cut the shank of a hook.

3. It should be designed to give you a firm yet ergonomic grip, such as molded grips and EVA foam-padded handles.

4. A lanyard and a sheath are very important inclusions. A lanyard can help prevent losing your pliers while a sheath prevents them from hurting you.

These features are the bare minimum. Any additional feature such as a split ring tool can be a lot of help but is not as crucial.