Ice packs are very effective first aid for a number of painful injuries. They can help reduce swelling around an injury, minimize bleeding, and relieve muscle pain and spasms.

Ice packs are also used on ankle sprains, wherein applying an ice pack at the start, and on and off for the next 48 hours will minimize swelling and pain. This is often true for athletes.

The principle of cold therapy or cryotherapy is what’s behind the use of ice packs. Cold effectively reduces blood flow to a certain area which in turn reduces inflammation that can cause pain. It can also decrease nerve activity temporarily, which can also minimize pain.

Ice Packs

Not all ice packs are created equal, so read on as we present you our top picks for the best ice packs you can buy to include in your first aid kit.

Top 5 Best Ice Packs

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FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack

The FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack is a professional-grade ice pack that is the choice of physical therapists across the USA which you can now enjoy at home, in the workplace, or outdoors.

It is a reusable and washable ice pack that contains a patented-formula gel that stays cold longer than its nearest competitors, and remains pliable even when frozen.

It is flexible enough to conform to any part of your body to deliver an effective cold therapy treatment. It is ideal for your back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and joints.

This cold pack compress is made from an extra-thick and heavy-duty nylon material and is built with double-sealed seams, making it leak-free. It is designed to provide you with quality cold therapy session after session for hundreds of treatments.

It is perfect for the relief of chronic and muscle pain, arthritis, inflammation, headaches hot flashes related to menopause, and sports injuries.

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Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Packs

The Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Packs are DIY reusable ice packs that are designed to last up to 48 hours of prolonged cooling at 18 degrees F. They are perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, boating, and for transport of perishable personal and commercial goods.

These ice packs are made with an aluminum and polyethylene blend reinforced with thin nylon to make them durable yet extremely flexible.

They also contain a proprietary gel mixture that turns solid when frozen. This gel mixture freezes faster and transfers its cooling effect more efficiently.

You can choose from two closure variants. The first one features a screw cap with a sealing cork and funnel, the second one is the zipper variant that can be sealed with an iron.

It is child-safe, made with non-toxic materials, and carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you encounter any issues, you can contact them and they will send you a replacement at no extra cost, no questions asked.

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Medpride Instant Cold Pack

The Medpride Instant Cold Pack provides instant pain relief with cold therapy with no need for a freezer.

You simply squeeze the center of the ice pack and it will become as cold as ice in an instant, remaining cold enough to provide relief from the inflammation and swelling.

These disposable ice packs can be used on any part of your body including the head, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and calf.

Each pack measures 5” by 6” and comes in packs of 24. You can carry them around or stock up your first aid kit for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor activities.

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Rester’s Choice Gel Packs and Wrap

The Rester’s Choice Gel Packs and Wraps are ice packs that are reusable, flexible, and designed for your shoulders, back, thighs, and shin to provide quick pain relief.

Using these ice packs is as easy as 1, 2, 3! You place the gel ice pack in the freezer, leave it for at least 2 hours, then gently knead it to conform to the shape of whatever body part needs relief.

These ice packs provide hands-free pain relief, as well. You just put the gel icepacks inside the wrap, secure the wrap comfortably around the affected area by adjusting the straps, and you have a comfortable and convenient cold therapy treatment without holding on to them for hours on end.

Rester’s Choice guarantees these ice packs to last a lifetime. You can have convenient cold therapy treatment right in your home, office, or on-the-go for many years to come.

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Healthy Packers Ice Pack for Lunch Box – Freezer Packs

The Healthy Packers Ice Pack for Lunch Box – Freezer Packs come in a set of 4 slim and reusable gel ice packs that offer versatile uses for breastmilk bags, coolers, lunch boxes, and the like.

Each ice pack measures 7” x 4.7” x 0.5”, compact enough to keep your cooler colder longer. It is perfect for outdoor camping to keep your food containers cold and dry.

These ice packs are made with 100% non-toxic and BPA-free materials that stay cold as ice for hours.

Healthy Packers backs these long-lasting ice packs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will readily give a full refund should you be dissatisfied with these ice packs.

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Things To Remember When Using Ice Packs

Just like with any other first-aid treatments, an ice pack should be used with caution to prevent causing more injury.

First of all, you should always protect your skin. Putting an ice pack directly on your skin can cause skin irritations and allergies due to cold exposure. You would need to place a towel or cloth between your skin and the ice pack.

You should also monitor how long the ice pack stays on the injured area. You should do 15 minutes of application at 2-hour intervals to get the best results.

You should also keep in mind that cold therapy is effective only in the first 24 to 72 hours after your injury. It is best to seek professional medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid exacerbating the injury and causing more pain.

Ice packs should not also be used in certain circumstances such as in chronic conditions like diabetes, or blood vessel disorders such as Raynaud’s disease or vasculitis.