Metal detectors have come a long way from being used by military and security personnel to uncover buried mines, guns, and knives to keep our world safe from harm.

They are now also used to provide millions of people not only with the means to discover valuable relics hidden underground for fun and excitement, but also one good reason to go out of the house and get fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of exercise.

Metal Detectors

Thinking of buying one? Then join us as we take a look at 5 of the best metal detectors you can find in the market today.

Top 5 Best Metal Detectors

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Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector

If you want strength and accuracy, then the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is the one for you.

Product Specifications:

· Length: 9”

· Weight: 6.5 oz., battery included

· Thickness: 1.5” tapering down to .875”

· Operating Frequency: 11.5kHz

· Battery Life: Carbon-16 Hours

· Alkaline-30 Hours

· Rechargeable-8 Hour

· Operating Temperatures: -35°F to 158°F

· Waterproof Rating: 10’

· Maximum Depth: IP 68

It provides maximum capability to detect nuggets and other small targets with 3 sensitivity levels to choose from.

It features a single-button operation for turning it on and off, fast retuning, adjusting sensitivity levels, and switching to stealth mode.

The fast retune feature allows you to quickly gauge target size and distance, locate edges of a large target, tune out sand or mineralized ground, detect multiple targets, and narrow the detection field for precise locations.

You can easily assess the depth of your target with the use of the ruler molded onto the pinpointer’s side and conveniently calibrated in inches and centimeters.

It also has an automatic power-off feature that turns the device off after 60 minutes of unused to save on batteries and a Lost Pro-Pointer Alarm that emits periodic warning chirps if no button is pressed for 5 minutes.

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DR. ÖTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector Pinpointer

The Dr. Otek Pinpointer is a high-quality pinpointer metal detector that provides superior performance at a more reasonable price than its nearest rivals.

Its dimensions are 11.06” x 2.72” x 2.52”, and weighs 13.1 oz., roughly the size and weight of a small flashlight.

It is designed with a simple single-button operation suited for use by adults and children alike.

It is equipped with a 4-level LED light that goes from white, blue, green, and red, with the white light indicating that a target is nearby while the red one means it is far away.

It is fully waterproof up to 32’ and has a 360-degree field of detection for precision and accuracy.

One feature that sets this pinpointer apart is that it has no speakers that will make noise and potentially disturb wildlife and fellow treasure hunters. Its improved design uses light and vibrations to notify you.

It also has a battery-saving feature that turns itself off after 5 minutes of not being used and notifies you with a light buzz before completely going off.

If you are a budding treasure hunter who’s on a tight budget, the Dr. Otek Pinpointer is the one for you.

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TACKLIFE Metal Detector MMD02


The Tacklife MMD02 Metal Detector is a great entry-level device for beginners both adults and children alike.

It features a large back-lit LCD screen display that shows operating mode, depth, discrimination, sensitivity, overload warning, and battery level.

It also has a 3.5mm. headphone jack for clear audio notifications. Unfortunately, the headphones do not come with this package. They need to be bought separately.

One unique feature of this metal detector is that the screen does not display confusing numbers and texts. It displays one specific cartoon character to indicate a black metal like iron, another one for non-ferrous metals, and the 3rd one for all types of metal. Children will love it.

It is equipped with a 7.8-inch diameter waterproof search coil and an adjustable stem that can extend from 24” up to 45” long to accommodate users of different heights. It weighs 4 lbs., which some users found a bit on the heavy side.

The search coil and adjustable stems allow you to do underwater hunting such as on the beach or in lakes and streams. However, the control box with the digital screen is not waterproof.

This metal detector package includes 2 9-volt batteries, a user’s manual, and a carrying bag.


Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector is a professionally-built metal detector that is high-quality and affordable at the same time.

This metal detector measures 22” x 15” x 6”, and weighs 5.48 pounds. It features 5 search modes: zero discrimination, jewelry, relics, coins, and custom.

It also features 3 audio tones, electronic pinpointing, high-resolution iron detection, and sensitivity adjustments for maximum depth.

This metal detector is an upgraded version of the Garrett ACE 350. Its newer features include enabling you to detect if that quarter you saw is silver or clad, or that penny is copper or clad which is quite awesome.

It is also equipped with Camlocks which are simple plastic locking mechanisms that prevent the metal detector shaft from wobbling when in use.

The Camlocks tighten up the joints that join the 3 components of your metal detector to give you a solid piece of equipment.

This package includes the Garrett 8.5″ x 11″ PROformance DD Waterproof Search Coil, the Garrett Search Coil hardware kit, an adjustable arm strap, an instruction manual, 4 “AA” batteries, and a free catalog and searcher magazine.

Accessories included are the search coil cover, ClearSound headphones, and the rain cover.

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OMMO Metal Detector for Adults & Kids, High Accuracy Adjustable Waterproof Metal Detector

The OMMO Adjustable Metal Detector is one of the reasonably-priced metal detectors but can provide superb performance alongside the more expensive choices.

This 10-inch metal detector with an IP68 waterproof search coil can detect up to 8 inches deep for small coins and metal objects, and up to 3 feet for larger targets.

The waterproof search coil allows you underwater hunting but the control box is not waterproof so caution is highly recommended.

It has 3 distinct search modes:

1. All Metal Mode – notifies you whenever it detects any kind of metal.

2. Disc Mode – easily detects gold.

3. Pinpoint – aids in zeroing in on your target according to your environment.

It is equipped with a large back-lit LCD screen to show depth, operating mode, discrimination, sensitivity and battery level, and overload warning.

The length of the stem is adjustable from 30 inches to 41 inches to accommodate users of different heights. The ergonomically designed armrest provides more comfort and less stress.

This metal detector package includes headphones, 2 9-volt batteries, a carry bag, and a shovel.

It also carries a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Metal Detector

If you are a newbie, price is a major factor you need to consider. Try to look for reasonably-priced metal detectors for now. You do not need the most expensive ones if you are still learning the ropes about this new hobby.

Go for lightweight metal detectors. Most of the time, you will be carrying them to and for and a lightweight unit enables you to explore longer and farther.

The power source is also a crucial factor. If kids are going to use it, there are metal detectors today that use AA batteries instead of the pricier 9V ones.