What is my survival farm all about?

My survival farm ​ ​is a digital product that has been written by Dan F. Sullivan. It is a complete guide for creating and sustaining a certain kind of survival gardening system.

The book has all the necessary details on various kinds of vegetables and fruits. This will enable you to grow a wide variety of plants that you can as source organic food in your house.

Basically the whole book revolves around vegetables, medicinal plants, fruit trees, and roots. The guide has a lot of enriching and valuable knowledge.

That not only let you sustain in a major catastrophe but also in day to day life. And the impressive part is that you do all this without digging the ground for each crop.

You also don’t have to worry about watering, fertilizing, and weeding once you complete this book. It is a great thing for people like me who always forget to do things.

Moreover, the gardening/agricultural technique explained in the book is called permaculture. It is a very simple and practical method for growing good while avoiding harming nature.

In the time we live in this book serves a very important purpose. It shares some valuable and in-depth information regarding personal farming. That can greatly reduce your food expenses.


What you will learn from my survival farm?

While there are a lot of things that you learn from the book. The main focus of the book is on building your survival garden. In a nutshell, here are some of the main topics that you’ll cover in this guide:

my survival farm review

Blueprint for your garden

The guide provides you with detailed instructions on planning, designing, and construction of this survival garden.

It tells you how to take accurate measurements and not waste any space that you have. Furthermore, the procedures are quite simple. And easy to understand for an average individual.

If you are serious about making a garden in your backyard then it is one of the most vital sections in the book. The book also covers the process of preparing fertile soil in your garden to get the best quality product.

Medicinal Plants

The book provides a list of 50+ medicinal plants that you can use during an emergency or for treating various illnesses.

You can also find detailed instructions on how to grow these plants for maximum benefits. The author states that if you use these plants correctly.

You don’t have to visit the doctor again in your life for minor sickness. Rather than relying on drugs that you find in the market, you can make your own medicine at home.

This not only saves your money but also provides you with a life long skill. However, for more serious illnesses, you should only consult a trained doctor.

Your Secret Garden and its security

There is a section in the book that teaches you how to keep your garden a secret from the people living around your locality.

It discusses various ways that you can implement to make your garden almost invisible to the naked eye. This will eliminate all the potential threats lurking regarding your grown crops.

Especially in the time of famine or food shortage, you do not want anybody in your garden for food. The book also covers some easy steps that you can take to keep your garden secure from thieves.

These steps mainly include growing hedges and fences around your backyard. This will not only provide safety to your garden but also add an extra layer of protection to your home. Thereby keep you and your family safe from looters.

Pests and animals

One of the major problems for a person growing his own crops is how to keep it safe from the various pests. You will find full information on pest control.

That will guide you on how to deal with these pests and protect your yield. The tips provided here are free from any chemical-based pesticides. That is harmful to your crops as well as your health.

Additionally, there is an in-depth discussion of permaculture-friendly animals. All this information will result in your crops growing healthy and damage-free.

Plant related info

Apart from all the technical information, it also has information on picking the right plants according to your climate. As well as how to grow more plants in a specific area.

This less-known knowledge of permaculture helps you a lot with the minimum amount of effort. Additionally, the book also has recipes for organic fertilizers in case you need any.

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Additional benefits

Apparently, you also get 5 ebooks absolutely free which makes it a killer deal. These additional books are somewhat related to your survival garden. And will help you to take your little project to a whole new level. List of these books includes:

  1. SHTF Water.
  2. Veggie Profits.
  3. Canning Authority.
  4. Permaculture Action Plan and Checklist
  5. Family Survival Blueprint.

About the Author

As you know that the author of ‘My survival farm’ program is Dan F Sullivan. He is an expert in the field of agriculture and known for his gardening related knowledge for many years.

He is also the owner and editor in chief of the website SurvivalSullivan.com. Following the ongoing climatic and economic trends in the world.

Dan speculated that things will get worse. This encourages him to create a program that will teach people to become self-sufficient. And survive with minimum resources.

While creating this course he worked with two experienced permaculturists to make sure you get the best result.

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Offers monetary and health benefits:

The book provides you with the ways with which you can save some money on food. Instead of buying food from the market, you can use homegrown food.

Not only this it also provides you with fresh and pesticide-free food which makes your lifestyle a lot healthier. You can also sell extra food to make some money.

Provide you with valuable knowledge: 

The book provides you with valuable knowledge that you can use in your daily. You can use your knowledge about medicinal plants to treat minor illnesses.

Suitable for Small area

The permaculture techniques that are taught in the book are very suitable small spaces. Therefore, people who have a small backyard can make the most out of their available space. You just have to plan things perfectly to make sure everything works well.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Another good thing about the book is that it is backed by a 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it.

We personally don’t know how their refund policy works and how efficient they are. But overall it is very much a risk-free opportunity to try out this product for 60 days.


The result will take time You have to invest a lot of time to get good results. You will have to wait till harvest to know if the book is working for you or not.

There is no real way to speed up the process unless you use any growth chemical.

It’s a digital product The books that you get in the package are all in ebook format only which might upset some people.

There many people who like to read an actual physical book. Thus, the author should have provided an option for a physical copy as well.

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In the end, we personally think that “My Survival Farm” is worth checking out. If you are someone who has been to grow your own food supplies then this is your opportunity.

The skills that you will learn from this book not only provide cheap food for your family. But also ensure that you won’t run out of food in case of any food shortage.

You can also sell the food and make money out of it. It is true that you can find free knowledge about each topic online.

But, we have noticed that there is a lack of full and proper information in one spot. Each topic is widely divided and has different ways to go about it.

Sooner or later it will become confusing for anyone. Therefore, one reference source would help avoid confusion. And make it easier to get started.

Of course, there are downsides and should consider them before making the purchase. But in my own opinion, its good point outweighs its negative point and overall it is a good product.

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