I think you’ll agree with me when i say…

Schrade SCHF9 is a great outdoor bushcraft and survival knife. And in this post i’m going to review it.

And i’ll cover all the good and bad aspects in detail. So that you can finally decide is it worth buying.

Key Features 

● Blade is made of 1095 High Carbon Steel

● Ring textured, black coloured thermoplastic elastomer handle

● Ballistic belt sheath with removable storage pouch

● Consist of front quillon, thumb jimping and finger choil

● Knife features a full tang design and a lanyard hole


Overall Look and Feel of Knife

The Schrade SCHF9 is full tang fixed blade knife with an overall length of 12.1 Inches. And a blade length of 6.4 inches and weighs around 15.7 oz.


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The SCHF9 is made from a 6.4 inches long single solid piece of 1095 High Carbon steel. 1095 is a very popular knife and tool steel and is an excellent choice for a survival blade. A high carbon steel is generally both harder and wear resistant.

The 1095 will take a beating and can easily hold itself during the long sessions of batoning and chopping. Knives made with 1095, hold an edge longer than stainless steel and are very easy to sharpen. It will be an asset especially for those people who are still an amateur.

When it comes to their knife sharpening skills. However, the 1095 is not stainless steel. Therefore, it has the tendency to easily rust if not oiled and deliberately cared for. To counter that, Schrade has applied a tough teflon coat to the blade. To help minimize the chances of rust which is effective to a large extent.

But after the coating wears out it will rust. Keep in mind that all knives, even stainless steel knives, can and will rust without proper maintenance. So keeping the blade dry, storing it outside of the sheath, and oiling occasionally. And making a habit to properly clean it after use will help you to keep your knife in proper shape for a long time.

One impressive thing about the knife is its quarter inch thick spine. It is very stout and very beefy. You can pretty much twist and turn the knife while it is well sunk into the logs during batoning. Whatever you can span with this knife you will be able to split it without any problem. It’s a tank when it comes to batoning tasks as long as you can split it.

The knife has a drop point blade profile with a slight recurve and blunt tip. Drop point blades make for really strong blade tips. And are great for multi-purpose survival knives like SCHF9. I prefer a blunted tip over a pointed one with a survival knife.

Because it makes for a much stronger tip that is less likely to break. Tip strength is very important when you don’t have the luxury of a garage full of tools. Despite having a blunter tip, the knife can still be very effective as a defensive or tactical tool. And will perform thrust cuts well.

The blade is ground with a deep high-flat grind and a slight compound bevel with flat edge. The shape of this blade provides a bit more leverage perfect for heavy bushwhacking tasks like chopping. And lighter bushcraft techniques like carving and shaving sticks. But it can be somewhat challenging for you to sharpen the knife with a stone due to the recurve at the base of the drop-point.


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A lot of attention went into designing the handle of the SCHF9. The handle is made of TPE rubber on the tang of the knife. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer. And it is a hard, durable rubber with an aggressive ring pattern providing an excellent non-slip grip even in wet conditions.

It is a hefty handle and it widens to nearly an inch. And a quarter to fit nicely in your palm and narrows towards the front in the back. It fits very naturally as you wrap your hand around the handle and the contours. And the cut out on the handle makes it a comfortable fit for all hand types.

There is a concave cut out at the bottom of the blade steel towards the handle. It helps to provide more leverage and control for slicing and carving. At the back handle curves so you can use it to wrap your thumb. And forefinger around during chopping and splitting. And a lanyard hole as well.


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The SCHF9 comes with a sheath made from a heavy Nylon material. It is a good quality black nylon that’s double stitched in most places and has a tactical look. It is very good for such a large and inexpensive survival knife. It has a heavy duty plastic line in which the knife snugly into and is held firmly in place with an adjustable retention strap.

The Kydex lining is fixed in place with rivets. So the sheath is really configured for right-hand carry only. On the front side of the sheath. There is a small removable pouch that you can use to store essentials. You’d like to keep handy things like a small fishing kit, Ferro Rod, waterproof matches or even some paracord.

The sheath easily straps to just about any belt up to about 2 inches wide. And uses a flippin tuck belt strap system to attach to your belt without taking it off. Velcro and eyelets for paracord provide additional mounting choices. So what this means is that you can strap this sheath to your belt, leg, vest, pack, whatever you want.


  • High quality ,durable knife.
  • Well made and easy to use.
  • Full tang knife with kukri point blade.
  • Convenient ballistic belt sheath with removable storage pouch.
  • Little bit heavy.
  • This knife is not ideal for fine up close work


Watch Schrade SCHF9 Undergoes Different Test



This is a great outdoor knife. Anyone who is looking to explore wilderness then this can be a great fit for you. As it is comfortable, durable and strong.

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