Another must-have for any first-aid kit is sterile eye pads. They are suitable as first aid and protection for mild trauma or injury to the eyes.

However, caution must always be practiced when using an eye pad. It should not be too bulky or heavy so as not to aggravate the injury but should be comfortable enough to protect them until the patient is taken to a trained medical professional.

As with other first aid kit essentials, there are a dizzying number of sterile eye pads that are available in the market.

Sterile Eye Pads

Read on as we present our top picks for sterile eye pads that you can choose from.

Top 4 Best Sterile Eye Pads

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First Aid Only 7-002 8 Piece Eye Pad and Adhesive Strip Kit

The First Aid Only 7-002 8 Piece Eye Pad and Adhesive Strip Kit can be used as part of a first aid kit or as a stand-alone first aid.

The eye pad and adhesive strip kit contain 4 sterile eye pads and 4 adhesive tape strips for emergencies involving eye injuries. They can also be used as dressing for excessive tearing following radiation therapy, and post-surgical eye protection and medication.

This package comes in an individual box that is shrink-wrapped for your protection and is compliant with ANSI recommendations of color-coded packaging for immediate identification during emergencies.

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Medline Sterile Eye Pad – Large – Box of 50

The Medline Sterile Eye Pads are oval-shaped eye pads that are made from a soft, non-woven rayon and polyester blend covering fabric with a highly absorbent cotton filler.

Each pad measures 2 1/8” by 2 5/8”, and these eye pads are individually wrapped to maintain their sterile condition. They are made with compressed edges to help prevent their fibers from separating, thereby reducing linting.

These eye pads are the highly recommended eye pads by doctors and surgeons for post-surgical care of cataract operations, and blepharoplasty, and as dressing for excessive eye watering following chemotherapy for eye cancer.

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Dynarex Sterile Oval Eye Pad

The Dynarex Sterile Oval Eye Pad package includes 50 pouches in one box. Each eye pad measures 2 5/8” x 1 5/8” in an oval shape to fit the contours of the eye cavity comfortably.

These eye pads are made from a soft mesh outer cover and a soft cotton inner filler that is comfortable and breathable.

They are a perfect addition to your first aid kit for the home, office, or outdoors,

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Dukal Sterile Eye Pads

The Dukal Sterile Eye Pads are cloth-type eye pads that are a must-have in your first aid kit.

Each eye pad measures 1 5.8” x 2 5/8” and comes individually wrapped and labeled for your protection.

They are made with highly-finished edges and will not scratch your skin nor separate easily to provide superior eye protection for wounds and post-surgery eye care.

However, these eye pads are non-adhesive so you would still need to buy adhesive tape for them to stay on.

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Things to Remember When Choosing Sterile Eye Pads

When it comes to treating the eyes and their surrounding area after an injury or operation, it is essential that 3 things are always observed.

First, you should make sure that no unnecessary pressure is put on the eye area to prevent further damage.

Second, you must also ensure that the eye pads and medications will not adhere to the wound or any other area around the eyes that is not injured.

Third, and probably most important, you must ensure that the eye is protected from any possible infection.

However, if the person has something stuck in the eye, or is suffering from a chronic condition, it is best to consult a medical professional immediately.