Just Imagine this hypothetical situation:

For a moment try to picture not having to use your car to go somewhere or smartphones never invented. Try to imagine that google maps never existed. And there are no grocery stores present anywhere near you to buy food. Your warm homes and cozy bedrooms suddenly disappear and you don’t even have safe drinking water. These are some of the many aspects that we as modern people are worried about in our daily life.

Today we cannot imagine how we will be able to survive without a fridge, television, smartphones or the internet. But this was never always like this, for our ancestors this was their daily life. They were able to thrive in a challenging environment centuries ago without looking for answers on google or the internet. We have lost a lot of survival skills and techniques by living in day and age. But the good thing is that this all can be learned through books and the internet, you just need to take the first step.

So in this post, I’ll be reviewing one such book entitled ‘THE LOST WAYS’. We will discuss all the good as well as the bad aspect of the book so that you can decide whether to buy it or not.

Details About Book “The Lost Ways” 

Lost ways book review

The lost ways is a survival book that is written by a survival expert named Claude Davis. In recent years, there has been a huge growing demand for good and informative survival guides in the market. But there are very few useful books from a practical standpoint.

To counter this Claude Davis came up with one of the most comprehensive guides that helps by copying what our ancestors did many years ago. In the book, there is a vast knowledge of survival skills and techniques that we need to conquer nature and survive any calamity. It is filled with a ton of methods and information that was passed down from our ancestors. The author argues that our society is changing for the worst.

The creature comforts that we Americans are having, have rendered us too complacent. In the book, the author explains that people no longer prepare themselves for the worst eventualities. Due to conveniences presented by modern technology.

The book emphasizes the importance for all humans to learn those skills. To such a point that we don’t have to be totally dependent on modern gadgets and other amenities. The book has a total of 350 pages and a couple of chapters. Throughout the book, we have discovered the once acquired ancient survival skills. That remain very useful not only in the time of calamities but also in our daily life as well. Some of the valuable things that we have learned from the book include:

1. Food

It has a lot of nutritious recipes that were earlier used by older people and Native American scouts. These recipes are easy to make and use common readily available ingredients so that everyone can make it without breaking their bank.

Lost ways book review

2. Water

In the time of war or during any catastrophe, the availability of water is very limited. Therefore, there is a detailed guide on how to collect and store water in an affordable manner.

3. Housing

The book offers a detailed guide on underground house construction with the illustration. These houses are big enough to accommodate up to 4 families, similar to the houses used by Native Americans.

4. Traps

Traps are the most efficient and steady ways of food supply in the time food shortage. The book provides detailed knowledge on how to set various traps and catch an assortment of animals, especially in winters.

5. Medicinal plants

Medicinal plants are used by various civilizations to this very day. They are easy and relatively safe ways to cure oneself in an emergency. Therefore, the author provides a ton of detailed information on how to identify and use them to make medicines.

Lost ways book review

6. Poultices

It features guidance on how to prepare proper poultices. How we can use various readily available ingredients to make poultices similar to our ancestors.

7. Bullets

This section of the book is dedicated to firearm management. How we can preserve bullets during any crisis. The author uses people of the wild west who never ran out of bullets as an example. Also, he provides information on what we can do when we run out of bullets.

Some of the additional benefits of the book [PROS]

Aside from the survival knowledge and information provided in the book. There are some additional benefits associated with it. When compared to other guides in the market

Content lost ways book review

Easy to apply tips

The knowledge in the book is very simple and very relatable. There is no technical knowledge involve and these tips are very easy to use in our daily life. We ourselves have applied many of these tips in our daily life to save money on water, food and even medication for mild diseases.

Very comprehensive

Since the day we started this journey to this very day, we have read at least a dozen survival books and survival guides. But the problem with them was that they don’t hit the right spot. Some of them are very basic and do not contain enough information to help you survive various catastrophes and some are too complex to follow. But this book provides detailed information with images about the same topic in a relatively simpler manner.

Practical information

The information present in the book is much more practical and needs practice to be able to learn properly. For some people, it might be a con but let me assure you it will not go in vain. In fact, we have learned so much, more than what this book has to offer just by doing things. We have become more self-reliant and self-sufficient by constantly practicing the skills in the field.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Another good thing about the book is that : it has a 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it. We personally don’t know how their refund policy works and how efficient they are. But all said and done it is a very much risk-free opportunity to try out this product for 60 days.

Few shortcoming of the book [CONS] 

Black and white pictures

lost ways survival book

This con is not present in the digital copy but rather in the physical copy of the book. All the pictures in the physical copy are black and white. This is not a problem until you reach the plant identification section. The main purpose that we bought the physical copy is to use it on the hiking trip for plant identification. And we felt very disappointed after knowing this. However, there are ways to solve it but, it is better to get color pictures at least where it is needed.

No Audios or Videos adaptation

The Product Does Not Come With Audios or Videos adaptation which is kind of disappointing. It is much more useful to hear and watch how to proceed with certain methods that are a bit complex.

More about the book

lost ways book review

Claude Davis’​ Lost Ways book ​ is a digital product that can be downloaded at once after purchasing the PDF/ebook format or viewed online. You can also buy a physical copy of the product with the digital copy. But for that, you have to pay extra for shipping and handling. Also, it is not available in the Amazon as well as at any traditional bookseller. Apparently, you also get some bonus books as well.

Few words about the author

The author of the book, Claude Davis is a very experienced survival expert with 15 years of experience. He is also the owner of a popular website for survival enthusiasts named AskAPrepper.com. He lives with his wife and two children in a log cabin which he built himself. Davis happens to be very concerned about the way the modern generation has become dependent on modern technology.

And forget the ways of their forefathers. It is depicted by the author on numerous occasions throughout the book. His grandfather had came USA from Ukraine, escaping the horrors of a deathly famine, which killed 2.5-7.5 million. Learning lessons from this grandfather’s life, he undertook the job of sharing life-saving knowledge with the world

My Opinion

Honestly speaking…. I personally purchased this book to see what this book has to offer. And I must say this book has a wide variety of information on different aspects of survival. The language of this book is pretty simple to read and understand. And the character size (font size) is also big enough to be read by all kinds of people. There are few cons that I have already mentioned above. And also I wanna talk about the fake criticism this book is facing. I don’t know why this book is overly criticized by some people. I have seen some of the reviews and there were horrible about this book. They were just trash talking (BS) about the book. From my point of view this book is value for money and very informative. And at the end if you are not satisfied you can always have your money back.

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