I think you’ll agree with me when i say:

Tactical pen is the most compact and lethal self defense weapon that you can carry….And you wanted you buy one for yourself. But you’re confused which one to buy.

So In this post I’m going to review Top 8 best Tactical Pen that you can buy. And I’ll cover all the good and bad aspects of these tactical pen. So that you can finally decide which one to buy.

Best Tactical Pen


1. Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen


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Schrade has a long history of making reliable tactical knives and cutting tools. SCPEN is one such lineup of tactical pens. Schrade SCPENBK is a heavy-duty writing pen that also acts as a reliable defensive tool. It is made of a 5.7 inch long heavy-duty aero grade aluminium body with a very sleek design.It is as durable and reliable as a knife or other self-defense weapon.

The grip on the body of the pen is comfortable and does not fatigue our hand, even after our long practice session. Flat top gives enough resting area for the thumb and adds to the grip while striking. The body of the pen is tapered down as it goes down and does not look tactical at all. Never in a public place, we find anyone uncomfortable with our presence. Even at the airport, we were able to carry it on the airplane without any problem.

This is a huge plus point for us. The pen is also lightweight, sitting just under 1 oz (28 gm). This helps us to carry it around without any hustle. Additionally, a clip is also provided on the cap, which further improves ease of carry. Its usability as a pen is not less than its tactical use.

It uses a replaceable Schmidt p 900 Parker style black ballpoint pen cartridges. We have no complaints with this cartridge. It is as smooth as any other normal pen. To access the nib you have to unscrew the cap. However, with our extended heavy use, it has loosened a bit.

  • Durable Lightweight
  • Low-profile design
  • Cap comes loose with extended heavy use


2. Greber Impromptu Tactical Pen


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Gerber is a world-class tactical and survival knife manufacturer. Their tools are very reliable and effective against any odd. And with their Gerber Impromptu, they have again done a bang-up job. Gerber Impromptu is a very impressive tactical pen. It is machined out of steel and seracote coated to resist corrosion. The design of the pen is aggressive (at least for some of us).

With the beefy looks, it does feel very tactical. But because of this design language, it fits perfectly into the hand and provides a very good grip. Using it for long this was not a problem and it feels quite natural. Flat top provides an area for the thumb to rest but while striking it’s not much of a help. There is an included glass breaker at the front. It does its job quite flawlessly. With only one strike, we were able to break through the glass as well as windshields of the car.

We haven’t got a chance to use it in a real situation. But with all the testing, we do not have any doubts about its ability. However, it did not retract, instead, stay out all the time. We wish for some kind of retracting mechanism or option to cover it to avoid unwanted accidents. The weight of the pen is manageable. It sits around 2.5 oz (70.87 gm) which for a pen is quite heavy. But due to its solid construction, its weight is expected and is not a deal-breaker in any way.

Now let’s talk about its writing part. The pen uses a rite in the rain ink cartridge and as its name suggested, we had no problem using it in any weather condition. The ink cartridge is replaceable and deployed via push-button. And like any other pen, consist of a clip for easy carry.

  • Included glass breaker
  • Weatherproof ink cartridge
  • Durable and comfortable to use
  • No option to retract glass breaker Little heavy


3. Takeflight Tactical Pen


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Takeflight tactical pen is a perfect pen to carry around with you. With being a good tactical pen, it is also a good multi-tool for EDC survival. The pen is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a very sleek design. Honestly, it is one of the better looking tactical pens as far as we can tell. It not only looks pretty but it is also a powerful self-defense weapon as well.

It fits perfectly in our hands and feels very comfortable while using it. It features a window breaker at the front, for any emergency situation. The back of the pen is flat, providing extra support to our thumb while striking. The back also consists of an LED flashlight. A flashlight is a handy tool no matter where you are. In fact, during our camp out, we used it very extensively.

From finding anything from our bags to guiding us in the night time, it helped us a lot. Moreover, it comes with an extra battery in case you run out of juice too soon. And lastly, the pen also consists of a bottle opener. We really love how much we can carry with us in just the form of a pen.

It is longer when compared to a normal pen but not heavy, you can carry it around very conveniently in your pocket. The pen itself writes very smoothly, its performance was normal like any other pen. Also, it comes with 2 extra ink cartridges, which in our view it’s a huge plus considering its main function is not writing.

  • Consist of led and bottle opener
  • Comes with extra battery and ink cartridges
  • Durable and high-quality materials are used
  • Little longer than the usual pen


4. Practical Tactical Pen


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Practical tactical pen is a great option for those who are getting in tactical pens. It is an inexpensive alternative to its expensive counterparts. The pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminium. The fit and finish is really nice and the construction is very solid. Despite being inexpensive, the quality of the product is not compromised. In hand feel is also nice.

It fits very comfortably in the hand and feels tightly secure while using it. The stripping or the grooves on the pen provide enough friction to hold it on the place and do not bite into your hand. Even after a long and sweaty testing session, we had no problem gripping it. On top of that, it does not appear to be a weapon, which is a huge plus point for us.

While we haven’t had a chance to carry it on an airplane. But we are very positive that you carry it without any problem. The pen cap is nice and flat, which was used to rest our thumb on the pen. Unlike some other pens with a sharp pen cap, it does not compromise additional stability and force while striking. The entire pen is 5.8 inches long and only weighs around 1.3 oz. For a regular pen, it’s a lot of weight but for a tactical pen, believe me, it is less.

Additionally, the provided pocket clip is very sturdy, thick and helps to carry it just like any other pen. As the writing part is concerned, it comes with two black ink cartridges. The cartridges are easily replaceable with refills such as parker gel or fisher space. And performance is also fairly comparable with an ordinary pen.

  • Durable and well build
  • Low profile
  • Very affordable
  • O-ring seal trends to come loose sometimes


5. Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK

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Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK is a second-generation tactical pen in their tactical pen series. It is a renowned company for making firearms. And it is not surprising that this pen is also a military-grade weapon. The pen is made of black anodized aluminium. The construction of the pen is very solid and well built. Design is fairly neutral and close to any ordinary pen as far as we can tell. Just the placement of the logo that we find quite inappropriate.

We wish it to be placed somewhere else, where it would be less obvious and conceal its identity in a better way. We really had a ton of fun while testing it in the field. The pen fits perfectly in the hand. All the grooves and contours on the body provide a really nice grip.

We were easily able to pierce into the wood, which in the case of any human would be quite fatal. It will be a reliable weapon when you are in a pinch. The front end is not thin for an aggressive blow, rather it is thick with a pointy end. This gives the front end good strength without compromising the intensity of the blow. Furthermore, it is quite suitable to be an excellent glass breaker. We broke some glasses just to test its effectiveness and it did a superb job.

The entire pen is 5.8 inches long and weighs 1.4 oz, which is very appropriate for a tactical pen. With regards to the writing part, it uses a Schmidt P900M Parker style black ballpoint cartridges. It is very smooth and at power with a good quality ordinary pen. It will take time to get used to if you are new and want to write a novel with this. But for the veterans, it will be just like another tactical pen.

  • Durable and well build
  • Comfortable to use
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Might get you in trouble with TSA if you are unlucky


6. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

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CRKT is a well-known company for making quality tactical and survival tools. CRKT Williams tactical pen is one such tool in their catalog. It is designed by James Williams, who is an army officer and a martial arts instructor. He has designed a lot of self-defense tools and decided to put his knowledge of martial arts into a tactical pen. The pen is made of black anodized aluminium.

The aluminium is aircraft-grade and durable as well as light. The design is very sleek and very low profile, very similar to an ordinary pen. It does not appear to be a tactical pen, which is a huge plus point for a tactical pen. The design also helps to grip the pen firmly in the hand. All the strippings and contours are very well thought of and do not fatigue the hand whatsoever.

Furthermore, the flat part at the back provides a nice area to rest your thumb and delivers stability while striking. However, the pen has a blunted point end. It really is not made for stabbing anyone but we are very positive if you need to, you can deal a lot of damage to anyone. But in applications like glass breaking, it was not very effective as we like it to be. The pen is very long sitting at about 6 inches. But due to its styling, it doesn’t appear to be that long.

However, despite being long, it just weighs around 1.2 ounces. Extra length is manageable but extra weight is not, so we are happy with the weight. Also, the included clip is also nice and hard to bend. It makes it easy to carry it like any other pen and hide it in plain sight. As the pen work is concerned, it uses a fisher space ink cartridge and it can be easily replaceable with a new one. The cartridge worked fine and we did not face any problem in any weather.

  • Durable
  • Low profile
  • Comfortable to use
  • Tip is blunt for glass breaking


7. Uzi Tactical Pen TECPEN2


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UZI is a well-known brand for making famous firearms and TACPEN2 is their take on the tactical pen. The TECPEN2 is made of aircraft-grade aluminium. It is very durable and reliable like a knife or any other self-defense weapon. The design of the pen is very aggressive and beefy. It does look like a tactical pen and might alert some people.

So, as far as we can tell, it is not suitable to carry it on the airplanes, as you might get in trouble with TSA. But the beefy construction provides a very good grip on the pen and does not feel uncomfortable or slippery while striking. The texture on the pen is well thought of and adds to the overall grippiness of the body. Even with the wet hands, the pen feels tightly secured in the hand. Which is by the way very common during an actual survival situation.

However, there is no place for your thumb to rest at the back. But the good thing is that there is a glass breaker instead. It did its job quite flawlessly and effectively, just like any other glass breaker. We had no problem with the glass breaker whatsoever. The entire length of the pen is 6.6 inches, which is fairly large compared to an ordinary pen.

But very comparable to other tactical pens in the market. The weight sits around 1.5 oz. And for easy carry, a pocket clip is also included. As for writing, it uses a fisher space pen refills and it is very comfortable to use. You will not find any problem in signing documents for your work.

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Very grippy
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Sometimes stands out

Note: Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2G​ is the same pen as ​Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK ​but in gray color.


8. Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen


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Sminiker professional defender is a low-cost tactical pen by a brand named Sminiker. There is not much information about the brand but the pen is totally outstanding. It’s an inexpensive alternative to the more expensive tactical pens in the market. It is perfect for new people who are getting into tactical pens but do not want to spend more.

The pen itself is made of heavy-duty aluminium. The construction of the pen is solid and well built. As for the design, it looks bulky and tactical. People will give a strange look upon looking at it. But functionality is far more important than looks. And in this department it will not disappoint you. It fits nicely in the hands and feels very natural to hold.

There are no sharp edges in our pen to bother us and we find no difficulty while using it. Honestly, we were pleasantly surprised with the performance as well as the price you are paying for the pen. Additionally, the pen also consists of a glass breaker. In honesty, we prefer a flat surface to rest your thumb rather than a glass breaker. But the included glass breaker is very effective and for those who need a glass breaker in their tactical pen, this is an awesome option.

The pen has an average length of 6 inches and weighs around 1.5 oz, which is fairly decent for a tactical pen. Let’s talk about writing some novel because the amount of refills you are getting, you might think of writing a novel. You get a total of 6 extra refills with the package. Refills are unbranded but at the price it should not be a big deal for anyone. However, the performance of the pen is fairly decent and we wouldn’t expect more than this from the pen.

  • Well built and durable
  • Very cost effective Included 6 extra refills
  • Comfortable to use
  • Stands out a little Average writing performance

Things to consider before buying a Tactical Pen

While it sounds very simple to buy a pen but it couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a lot of little things to consider before making a purchase. After all, in a real situation, it could be a difference between life and death.

1. Body Material

In the earlier days the tactical pens are made out of iron. But in today’s world, there are a whole lot of materials that are used to make tactical pens. The most common materials that are used in almost all good tactical pens are aluminium, stainless steel and titanium. So, choose according to your need and budget.

2. Size and Weight

After the body material, the most important thing to consider is the size and weight of the pen. A good tactical pen is about the same size as an ordinary pen. You do not want your tactical pen to sick out of your pocket and stand out, it should hide in plain sight. Also, it should be lightweight enough to be able to wield it quickly and heavy enough to leave an impact. So, if possible, try some pens in person before making a mind.

3. Grip

Grip is the most important factor in a weapon. A weapon is of no use if you were to slip-up or drop it while stabbing. Even if you have god-like skills, you couldn’t do anything without a proper weapon. So, choose something with a good and comfortable grip.

4. Ink-Cartridge

Yeah, it is still a pen after all and you will definitely use it to write something or sign some documents. So, get something that will last you long and write smoothly. Also, check the replacement options after you run out of ink.

5. Self- Defense

The sole reason you are buying a tactical pen and not an ordinary pen, is due to its self-defense features. A tactical pen should be useful in an emergency and make self-defense easier.


Price is the biggest determining factor in everything, even self-defense. However, do not let the price play a huge factor in your decision if you can afford it. Always look for a good quality product rather than a cheap one. Remember, you might not get a second chance if something really bad happens to you.


1. What is a Self-Defense Pen? 

A self-defense pen is a hidden self-defense tool, disguised in the shape of a pen. They are hidden in plain sight and are made to act as Kubota. One end is generally blunt to strike on pressure points and the other is sharp to deal greater damage.

2. Are Tactical Pen Effective?

The effectiveness of a tool depends upon the skills of the user. A skillful user can convert an ordinary pen into a deadly weapon. But generally speaking, they are quite effective. As long as you have some kind of basic training on how to use them.

3. Can a Tactical Pen Kill?

In extreme cases, yes tactical pen can kill. But generally, the tactical pen is not designed to kill. So it is very unlikely to kill anyone.

4. What are Tactical Pen Used For?

The answer will depend on the type of tactical pen you are using. Generally, tactical pens are meant for self-defense or as an emergency tool. But there are various pens available in the market that are designed specifically for wildlife survival.

5. Are Tactical Pen legal in UK or Any other Country?

Well it is hard to tell because your experience will be different with pens and the person you are dealing with. It is legal to carry a tactical pen in the USA if it doesn’t have a concealed blade in it. As for the other countries are concerned, you have to ask your local authority about the legality of tactical pens in your country.

6. What is the Best Tactical Pen?

Answer to this is not straightforward. Because different people have different needs and preferences. So labeling anyone the best is not justifiable. You have to try many pens in order to find the absolute best tactical pen for you, just like any other weapon.