As technology is growing day by day. People are becoming confined in their day to day technical and easy to access life.

Nowadays most people don’t even know basic survival skills. You must remember this material world doesn’t care about anyone. You have to stand up for yourself when shit happens.

You should know how to deal with different types of situations. Relying too much on anything is bad.

So for this article, I have prepared a list of  11 Basic Lost Survival Skills that you can learn. And let me tell you most of these skills are very basic but very helpful when it comes to survival.


1. Sewing

Sewing will allow you to make clothing by hand with raw fabric and without the use of expensive machines. You can also use this skill to mend your damaged clothes easily.

To learn it perfectly, you should first learn to use a needle and thread to make patterns. Afterward, you can learn other finishing skills like applying buttons and patches to the clothing.

2. Knitting

Have you ever wondered how granny makes pretty clothes for you with a ball of yarn? She can do this because she has learned knitting in her childhood.

Knitting is a method by which yarn or thread is manipulated to turn it into a textile or fabric. It will allow you to make warm clothes for winter like socks, hats, and sweaters. Another benefit of knitting is that it is a good pastime activity which you can use to escape boredom

3. Making soap

Soap is one of the main domestic items responsible for maintaining hygiene. In fact, it is one of the contributing factors in human advancement.

Thus, soap making is a handy skill that you can learn in case you run out of soaps. This will help you to avoid any health hazards and keep your hand clean.

4. Fire starting


If you do a lot of hiking, camping, or any other adventure activities. Then starting the fire without the use of matches or lighter is one of the most important skills you can learn.

In fact, you should learn it even if you don’t do these activities. Lighters and matches will run out eventually and this skill will help you a lot.

5. Construction

Construction knowledge and skills are not something that everyone possesses. A handful of people know how to make a house that is structurally stable.

Thus, skills such as making a frame of the home or building a log cabin will be very useful. To learn this skill you will have to know about laying the foundations, making support, and types of wood to use.

6. Hunting

Hunting is one of the easiest ways to put food on the table. However, today hunting is extremely regulated and bound by the law. But you should learn it anyway for any emergency situation.

It requires skills such as identifying animal tracks. And the direction they are moving. You should also know the best time for hunting. And vital body areas to kill the animal without contaminating the meat.

7. Woodworking

Woodworking is the best way to create things that are used in day to day life. Until recent times, it was the common hobby that people practice to kill boredom and create useful things.

With this skill at hand, you can create beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, or anything made up of wood. It is not one of the necessary skills but something that can make your life easy.

8. Gardening

Gardening is something that everyone enjoys in some way or another. It makes your place much more beautiful and provides you with a good pastime.

But gardening is much more than this, it can become one of the main sources of food supplies. If you know the right skills.

These skills include tilling the land, choosing the right seeds, combating plant diseases, providing manure, and other skills. Once you learn the right way, you can easily raise crops in bulk to fulfill your daily needs.

9. Butchering

For some people butchering is considered a dirty skill. But you have to learn it in one way or another.

It is the process that you have to do after hunting and includes skinning, cutting, and hanging the animal. You should then proper way to avoid any chance of contamination.

10. Food preservation

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As we all know how important is food preservation when we do not have access to electricity. Even with electricity, food preservation provides a good way to use seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

In the beginning, you can learn the construction. And working of the solar dehydrator to preserve fresh stuff. Then you can move to a more complex method that is a bit hard to learn perfectly.

11. Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is a process to make objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal and using tools to shape it. It is not very popular today and needs a good amount of time as well as money to learn it properly. But it is also very rewarding and you can make all sorts of custom items after learning it.