Ankle supports and ankle braces are both used to protect the ankle. Ankle supports are generally used to prevent ankle injuries while ankle braces are typically used to treat them.

Generally, however, they can be interchangeably used, and their effectiveness can sometimes overlap, especially as first aid for ankle sprains and injuries.

There are 3 basic types of ankle supports:

1. Soft braces are made from an elastic neoprene material that provides mild support and keeps the ligaments, muscles, and joints warm.

2. Semi-rigid braces can be further broken down into lace-up and hinged supports.

3. Rigid braces are supports with hard plastic sides and adjustable straps designed to provide a more secure fit.

Ankle Supports


There are many choices of ankle supports available and choosing can be a bit tricky. Read on as we present you with 4 of the top ankle support brands in the market today to help you choose.

Top 4 Best Ankle Supports

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Xroam Ankle Support Brace

The Xroam Ankle Support Brace is designed as compression support for injured or weak ankles, and as a preventive ankle brace for sporting activities including running, soccer, hiking, weightlifting, exercise, and other activities. It provides users the freedom of natural movements to be able to do their normal day-to-day activities.

It is a multi-functional innovative gear that can help increase blood circulation in the ankles, prevent injury, recover from chronic ankle fatigues, sprains, strains, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or PTTD, Achilles tendon heel, and ankle instability.

It is made from high-quality Neoprene fabric that is highly elastic, breathable, and latex-free. Its meticulous production assures that it is comfortable yet provides adequate compression for your ankles. It also features the sweat-wicking capability to ensure that it stays odor-free.

It is made with a unique silicone gel that perfectly grips the ankle to prevent sliding, thus minimizing the risk of any ankle sprains and injury. Its open heel design allows a full range of motion to give you amazing flexibility.

This one-size-fits-all ankle brace is made possible with its criss-cross designed and reinforced strap that has a special velcro tab to effectively secure it in place for a uniquely tailored fit.

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ComfiLife Ankle Brace for Men & Women

The ComfiLife Ankle Brace for Men & Women is an adjustable compression ankle support wrap that provides exceptional ankle stabilization to maintain your ankles in a neutral position that can help prevent ankle fractures and sprains.

It is ideal ankle support for Achilles tendons, minor sprains, plantar fasciitis, and for sports activities such as basketball, running, jogging, soccer, volleyball, golf, and many more.

It is made from top-quality silicone material that is breathable and elastic to provide the utmost comfort and the perfect support for an active lifestyle. Its non-slip interior ensures a tight hold on your ankles.

Its special Velcro closure ensures the perfect adjustable fit from your mid-foot all the way to the arches that can suit all ankle sizes for men and women. It remains securely fastened to give you the right amount of compression to help improve circulation. It also keeps its shape even if you wear it all day every day.

ComfiLife backs this product with its lifetime warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied, they offer full replacement or full refund, no questions asked.

One drawback of this product is that it contains latex which can cause skin sensitivities or allergic reactions.

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Candy Li Ankle Support


The Candy Li Ankle Support is an adjustable ankle brace that is suitable for men and women with its one-size-fits-all feature. It is suitable for ankle sprains, Achilles tendons, and ankle support for hiking, running, and various sports activities.

It is made from a nylon, polyester, and elastic fiber blend with a non-slip silicone interior that is breathable and flexible enough to provide adequate ankle support but allows you to move freely and comfortably.

It measures 33.5” long, 3.1” wide, and comes in attractive colors such as blue, grey, and orange.

It has crisscrossing straps that are easily adjustable and can attach anywhere throughout the entire wrap. It can fit the left and right feet, and even different-sized feet.

It offers a buy-one ankle brace, get-one wrist strap promo for great value for money.

Many users are extremely happy with the Candy Li Ankle Support because they love the simple design that allows for effortless wearing and removal.

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Champion Ankle Support

The Champion Ankle Support brace is a figure-8 style ankle brace that is designed to conform and provide support to weak, fatigued, or strained muscles and ligaments in your ankles and feet.

A figure-8 style ankle brace encloses the ankle in a crisscrossing strapping pattern to lock your ankle at a 90-degree angle to control its rolling motion and prevent injury.

It is made from a cotton, rayon, and rubber blend, and it contains natural rubber latex, as well. It is available in small 7 – 8”, medium 8.25” – 9”, large 9.25” – 10”, x-large 10.25” – 11”, and v-large 11.25” – 12”. For a more accurate size, measure the smallest part of your ankle.

It is thick and tough enough to act as a compression bandage but thin enough to allow adequate blood circulation to encourage healing and recovery. It is also a perfect choice for post-surgical recovery and post-cast support.

You can easily wear it inside your shoes to act as socks and wear it all day without hurting your skin because of its sweat-absorbing feature.

It is ideal for mild sprains and strains, joint tenderness, aching muscles, swelling and inflammation, weak ankles, osteoarthritis, and more. It can fit the right or the left foot.

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Things to Look for In an Ankle Support or Brace


Ankles are one of the most vulnerable parts of our body, and the risk of injuries is higher whether for elementary-age soccer players or seniors with arthritis.

The most common features we should look for when buying ankle supports or braces are durability, elasticity, breathability, and adequate bulk to provide the best support for your needs.

One thing is sure, though. Ankle supports are a must-have in a well-stocked first aid kit for the home, and especially for outdoors.